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The non-profit collective search engine & social network Est 2004

Anoox is the non-profit Search engine & Social network, the only one of its kind in the World. We are a Global Community of do gooders, small business owners, socially conscious people, Free thinkers; dedicated to the GOAL of "Making the World a better place" by operating the Search engine & Social network that puts People over Profits and Share prices on Wall Street.
Get the best answers out, get the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom; via discussions, search engine, news & polls
Get Free services that make your lives better and easier; from My-2nd-Brain to Live Chat
Get Free Traffic and meet new People, based on sharing what you know and thoughtfully discussing Today's issues
Free Services
Ask / Answer / Discuss
Ask questions, answer questions, about Today's issues or issues that you are expert in or passionate about. Arrive at the best Answers, at the Truth, based on Crowd Wisdom. Get more Free traffic to your Site when People like what you have shared.
Search Engine / Share
Our revolutionary Search Engine, where search results are Powered by Crowd Wisdom. Where our collective Wisdom drives the search results. So that the collective would manage the routing of online traffic rather than Wall Street Goliath's (Google™) for benefit & gains of Wall Street Big Businesses.
My 2nd Brain - Personal Productivity Service
An AI-based Virtual Assistance that empowers you to Organize your data and recover them via Natural Language from any device. Remember Everything: Be more Productive - more Organized - more Relaxed. No App or Software to download - All you need is a Web browser on any device.
Messenger / Chat
Instantly & securely chat in your own private Chat channel with 1 or many via your Anoox private chat, no matter where in the World you are all located. No App or Software to download - All you need is a Web browser on any device.
Polls & Survery
Easily create and add Polls to your Site. Know with precision what your Site visitors think about what you want to know. Add Polls to your Anoox questions. Share with friend and colleagues with ease. No App or Software to download.
Free Social Gains
Gain More Contacts - More Opportunities - More Free Traffic
You can get more contacts and more free Traffic from Anoox social search collective based on your Anoox Points, which points you gain based on thoughtfully and passionately discussing Today's issues or issues you are expert in. And having what you have shared liked by other members and the Public.
Gain Free Advertising: ecosystem to deliver low cost effective Advertising
You can get free Advertising from Anoox social search collective based on your Anoox Credits. You earn Anoox Credits based on you supporting the Small Businesses that Advertise on Anoox. The ultimate effect of this being an ecosystem to deliver low cost effective Advertising to Small Businesses.
Advertising & Donations Supported
All Anoox Free services listed above are Advertising supported. These Free services are used by Millions of socially conscious People and small businesses on regular basis, creating tremendous amount of target-able traffic. We monetize this traffic to deliver effective Advertising to small businesses, and since we are non-profit we deliver this traffic at very low costs.
Because we operate on non-profit basis so as to put the Power of information in the hand of the Public free of any Big corporate biases, and to deliver much lower cost Advertising to small businesses, sale of Advertising alone does not cover all our expenses and we depend on generous Donations of People like you to operate this amazing network for your benefit.