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Anoox was formed back in 2004 by a group of Internet visionaries who have been involved with the Internet since its very beginning in 1996, who realized that too much of the incredible value that the Internet can generate was and is going to the Wall Street based Big Businesses and the Billionaire class, rather than to Small Businesses and the "regular People" on Main Street. And that the only way to right this imbalance would be through a non-profit Social Search Network. A Social Search Network that would put People over Profits ("POP") and Share prices on Wall Street. This task has proven to be a Herculean one to put it mildly, since whereas our Wall Street peers get Billions and Billions from Wall Street, we get Zero from Wall Street and instead are dependent on Volunteers, Donations and sale of Advertising. But we somehow pulled through and that is why Anoox is the only one of its kind.

So we are both a large Global Community of do gooders, small business owners, socially conscious people, Free thinkers, Students, Teachers and Developers, aka "regular People", dedicated to putting the Power of the Internet in the Hands of the "regular People"; as well as a small team of volunteers and dedicated developers funded by Sale of Advertising and Donations. Together, we are working, literally Day & Night, to put the Power of Internet in the Hands of the People and pass Maximum value to the Public and Small Businesses.

For more about What Anoox is, please go here. For why WE need a non-profit Social Search Network such as Anoox, please go here.

So if you are a do gooder, small business owner, socially conscious person, Free thinker, aka "regular People" on Main Street, Join US:

Are you a High impact investor? Do you want to make a social impact while achive excellent ROI? Invest in Anoox