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Get answers to your questions on your Site or Share

Easily create your Polls by Adding Questions & Answers

Easily Customize Look & feel of your Poll and set Options & Update.

Easily embed your Poll into your Site and Share with clients, members, employees, neighbors, etc.

Easily Create your Poll and Update it

Type your question and then add answers. From this point you can simply hit create poll and you're ready to go. The rest of the steps are optional. And after your Poll is created, you can log into your Anoox Social network account and Update them.
Embed your Poll in your Site or Share via URL

After your Poll is created, you can easily, via copy & paste of 2 line of iframe Code, embed your Poll into your Site. And since your Anoox Poll is based on pure CSS & JS, your Site visitors will be able to Vote form their PC or Tablet or Smart Phone. You can also Share your Poll by sending to your audience the URL of your Poll on your Anoox account.
Make your Site more Sticky and interactive

By adding your Anoox Poll to your Site, you can make your Site much more "Sticky". Moreover, Anoox Poll service gives you the option to have a Group of Polls linked together, whereby you can have a Survey at your Site. Making your Site even more Sticky.
Get Answers to your questions about what matters to you

Via your Anoox Poll you can find out Answers to all sort of questions, and right from within your Site, such as:
  • Client Engagement. Poll your Clients to find out what they like about your Site, about what you are selling, etc..
  • Event Planning and Feedback. Poll your guests to find our what venues, agendas, entertainment, speakers, food, etc. your guests like.
  • Class Feedback. Poll your students for which classes they like more, or get feedback on instructor performance or course material to select.
  • Travel industry. Survey your travelers before or after their stay at your hotel, to find out what they liked and what they did not.
  • Politics. Poll about Local or national issues and elections. Know who is going to Win an Election rather than the Big Media telling you.
  • Market Research. Poll or Survey your customers on current or new product or service offerings. Know what is going to Sell before offering it.
  • Plus Much more