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Anoox Privacy Manifesto
The Problem
Big Search Engine & Social Network Are Tracking You
Google™ stores and tracks every single search term you type. Same goes with Big Social Networks such as Facebook™, Twitter™, etc. based on articles you look at or messages you post, etc.. They then build profiles on you based on your history and attach socioeconomic tags to you based on which tags they follow you around with
Ads, to influence what you think, what you buy, who you vote for, etc.. And based on which traces you can end up paying more for a flight, more for a hotel, not shown a job post, etc.. And this does not stop at what their partner/client merchants offer you, it can even extend to how Governments with access to this data treat you.
By collecting your private data: from what you search for, to what you look at within your Web browser, to emails you read and write; Big Search engine & Social networks and at times even Governments associated with them, are becoming way too powerful, to the extent that they virtually own you. This might be fine for most of the People most of the time, but if they want to this can be very harmful to you.
Search engines, and since most people think of search engine as being Google, then Google, are the Gateways of the internet. This means they are the Gateway to what you and your family know, think, like, hate, buy, dont buy, etc.. In fact most people trust Google more for their knowledge base than they trust info from their parents, wives, husbands, children, Governments, etc. This trust however, is
completely unwarranted
The Solution
Anoox Search Engine & Social Network That Does NOT Track You EVER
The above facts are why way back in 2004 we launched Anoox search engine & Social network. A search engine & social network that is totally private: as it does not track, log and share your personal information -
. And as years have gone by we have added many additional fantastic services, everyone of which is dedicated to keeping your information totally private: from our empowering my-2nd-brain virtual assistance, to live Chat, etc..
We turned out to be well ahead of our time and right on target with our concerns about Big Search engine & Social networks abusing their Monopoly powers to track you into a Bubble of misinformation and to manipulate their search results as they want. As proven by the record $2.7 Billion fine by the European Union on Google for manipulating its search results and many such other cases, proven already or finally being realized.
We have Search engines that have come along since Anoox launched, whom are also offering no Storing of your personal data and Tracking you around with
Ads. And that is great. But Anoox is the only search engine that offers this Data Privacy but offers much more, such as:
  • Search engine that is powered democratically by Crowd Wisdom
  • Robust Social network to connect you with new People & Opportunities based on what you share
  • And we are the only non-profit Search engine & Social network
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