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Anoox search engine is the People Powered Search Engine
One of key goals of Anoox Social networking based Search engine is to put the immense Power of the Search Engine, the Gateway to what People Know, Think and Buy, in hand of We the People. We do this via our revolutionary Search Engine, where search results are Powered by Crowd Wisdom. What then makes Anoox Search Engine a revolutionary Search Engine, based on it being the People Powered Search Engine, are these 2 key facts:
Our Job. It is not our Job to make the Anoox search engine results the best results. Our Job is to have developed, to upgrade, to fuel and to operate this massively complex Social networking based Search engine.
Your Job. It is your Job and opportunity, the Crowd, to make the Anoox search results the best, for a given Keyword, as per your Wisdom, and hence benefit from this search engine controlled by We the People.
So when Searching via Anoox search engine, you can share what you like and don't like. Our collective Wisdom then drives the search results. Here is how this works:
Move good listings up. Vote for listings you like. Your Votes and Votes of People like you then determine the ranking of listings under Anoox search results.
Move Bad listings down or out. Report to move Bad listings down or out. Once a listing has received multiple Reports it will be removed.
Review listings. Post Reviews about listings. Your reviews then become part of the search results.
Submit new Sites (listings). You can then accept the auto indexed Meta data for the Site, or override this data and provide the Meta data yourself.
Many studies have shown that Crowd Wisdom does produce the Best Answers, does produce the Truth, more than the Machines (aka Google™) do. But this is only True if large number of People share their Wisdom about a given question or issue. So when Anoox search results are great about an item searched for, you have yourself, the Crowd, to thank for this. OTOH, when Anoox search results suck about an item searched for, you have yourself to blame, for not having shared what you like and think about that subject matter in large numbers yet.
Now as revolutionary and unique as Anoox Search Engine is, there is another revolutionary aspect to Anoox. That is we operate Anoox on non-profit basis so to ensure that no BIG Corporate, Wall Street, interests derail or diminish our goals regarding putting the Power of the information in hand of the People and delivering much lower cost of Advertising to small businesses. But these facts present Enormous Challenges to us. Namely, whereas Wall Street based Search engine & Social Networks get Billions and Billions from Wall Street, we get Zero from Wall Street because we put the enormous Power of Search Engine in your hands on Main Street and save small businesses 50 to 90% on cost of Advertising. So if you want to see this non-profit Social Search Network grow for your BENEFIT, Get Involved.
"Lots of People and Organizations are talking and complaining about too much control over information and commerce being in hands of few Wall Street Goliath Monopolies, but only Anoox non-profit Search Engine and Social Network is actually doing something about it by offering real Choice"