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Become Anoox Developer

We are Anoox, the only non-profit Social Search Network, the True champion of keeping the Internet as a source for benefiting the People and Small Businesses and not just the Big Wall Street companies, by putting People over Profits ("POP").

We are a global community of game-changers. Want to join us as a Developer?

You can now submit your Software as a Service to Anoox for inclusion into Anoox Network.

If your Software is accepted for inclusion into Anoox Network, you can then expect one or all of the following great benefits?

  • We will inform some or all of the almost 2-Million Anoox Members of the integration of your Software into Anoox Network and its availability as a new Anoox service
  • You can then see how Anoox members, which are a most diverse group of do gooders, thinkers and Web Site owners from around the World will like your Software
  • You can then expect to get massive (priceless) traffic to your Site, based on how much people like your Software (as a Service) being offered via Anoox
Plus Much More.

Requirements for Submitting your Software to Anoox

Your Software needs to meet these requirements for it to be considered for inclusion into Anoox Network:

  • Your Software is offered to Anoox for Free under GPL License
  • On the client side your Software requires the Web browser only, which means your Software (client side) needs to be based only on: HTML, CSS & JavaScript (including AJAX, JQuery, etc.)
  • On the Server side your Software needs to be based on Php or JavaScript and for Database read and write into MySQL
  • You need to have a live example of your Software as a Service on your Site so that we can readily test your offering
  • Your software needs to be (reasonably) Bug free as per your exhaustive tests, Scalable able to handle 10s of 1000s of concurrent users on a single server

So if you are ready to Join a community of game-changers, and have a Software that meets the above requirements and you think it can be a great fit in our mission, Please Contact Us.

Software (as a Service) we are currently very interested in

Although we are open to any new and cool ideas for offering new Software Services to Anoox members that fits within our overall mission, we are particularly interested in the following 2 services as the Next services to offer:

Chat/Messenger Service: We are looking to offer a Web Chat (aka Messenger) service, whereby Anoox members will be able to chat via their Anoox account with anyone who has a Web browser and Internet connection and is either given their Anoox Chat room URL and has permission to enter that Chat room by nick-name or has not been blocked from entering said Chat room by nick-name or ip.

Smart Notes: This is to be a very smart Note taking and reminder service. Where Anoox members will be able to record whatever they want, which recorded data is then displayed to them in real time as they enter new data so that they are informed if they have already recorded that data or taken that action. And which system as per member request will remind them of upcoming events.