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Join Millions to Text Chat Securely & Instantly with members, family, friends & clients
World Wide
via your Anoox Chat room
No App or Software
to download, to install and continuously update
Chat on any Device
via your ubiquitous Web browser
How does it work?
3 Ways you can Chat via your Anoox Chat room
Chat with selected People
Give the visitor URL to your Chat room to whom you want to Chat with, any where
in the World
they may be and they can be Anoox members or not
Add it to your Site
Generate the HTML Code for your Chat room and Copy & Paste it to your Site to chat with visitors at your Site
Chat with Members
See Member online you want Chat with, just click on their "Lets Chat" button from their Anoox profile bar
You need to be logged into your Anoox Social Networking account to access Chat
Go To My Chat Dashboard
From Any Device
Chat instantly & securely from whatever device that you are all on: Desktop, Laptop or Mobile Phone
Free Text Chat
Chat for Free for as long as you want with your friends, family or clients World Wide
Anoox Chat is Advertising Supported
One URL for all your Chat room Visitors
Pass a single URL to all who you want to chat with. They will be prompted for their name before entering your Chat room
Multi Language Support
Chat via your Anoox Private Chat room not just in English, but also in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian & More
Password protect your Chat
If you want only authorized People to be able to enter your Anoox Chat room you can easily password protect your room
Permission require your Chat
You can opt to have only Authorized People to enter your Chat room. By turning this On then people entering your Chat room will be announced to you for your Approval before they can enter your Chat room
Add Chat to your Site
You can add your Anoox Chat room to your Site by just Copy & Pasting its HTML Code to your Site. Your Site visitors then can instantly Chat with you and other visitors to your Site adding much Sticky (free marketing Boost) to your Site
Your Chat is Anonymous
Your Anoox Chat sessions are Anonymous by default since we keep no record of your Chat. However you can turn Recording of your Chat session to On in which case your Chat room will not be Anonymous as a transcript of your Chat session will be saved then
Non-profit to empower Main Street
When you Chat via your Anoox chat, you are part of
the only non-profit
seach engine & social network
in the World
, a Global Community dedicated to empowering People & small businesses on Main Street
Sorry but Anoox group Text Chat has been taken Down permanetly

This is due to fact that most members are now using the Anoox Video chat for their meetings which also has a text chat

And as a small non-proft organization running this MASSIVE non-profit Search engine & Social network with Millions of members and 10s of Millions of monhtly users, with small resources of a non-profit, we do not have the resources to run services that get little traffic

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