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To have your Web site indexed by Anoox search engine for FREE so that you can get FREE Traffic from Anoox, please provide via the form below the URL of your Web site and a valid email associated with this Web Site.

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Please NOTE: after you submit your Web site an email will be sent to you with a verification link in it which you need to click on for your Web site to be Indexed by Anoox. So please make sure your email address is correct. Thank you.

I have read the Anoox Terms for Free Indexing and agree to them.

 Please Note these points before submitting your URL

Make sure the URL you are submitting is not broken or inactive.
Do not submit multiple URLs pointing to the same web site (content). Multiple submissions of URLs to same content may result in all of them being deleted.
Please do not submit pages of the following types for Free Indexing. Such submissions may be rejected and may result in the whole Web site being blacklisted.
  • Pages that have little in them but Affiliate Ads,
  • Get rich quick schemes,
  • Loose weight quick schemes,
  • Pages containing pornographic content,
  • Pages that are Affiliate links to another web site,
  • Multiple pages about the same topic,
  • Pages that hijack the browser or attempt to install a software,
  • URLs that are just parked domains. Such URLs will be rejected and Blacklisted.