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The non-profit Social Search Collective

Anoox is a not-for-profit mainly Volunteer based Network, a Cooperative working together toward ensuring Information Democracy and much lower cost of Advertising for Small Businesses. We are hoping to do for Search Engine & Social Media what Linux™ did for OS or what MySQL™ did for DB - More.

Hence there are many ways that you can get involved with Anoox and support our Public Service based missions. After all: WE are YOU.

Volunteering with Anoox goes beyond lending a hand. It is about helping to create a better Web, it is about placing People and Small Businesses, over profit & share motivations on Wall Street. So if you are a Coder, Graphics Designer, Linux Admin, etc. get Involved with us toward a better collective future.
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Although sale of Advertising covers some of our expenses, because we put the Public interest and delivering much lower cost of Advertising, over profit & share motivations on Wall Street, sale of Advertising alone does not cover all our expenses. We depend on generous Donations from People like YOU to meet all of our expenses.
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Anoox is a very small and modestly funded Organization. However the Potential impact that we can have in empowering People and Small Businesses and providing a very valuable Public Service are anything but modest. Hence we offer perhaps unmatched opportunity to Partner-Up with, if you are a Government organization, Investment Fund, University, etc..
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You can place your Free Anoox button on your Site, and both link into Anoox Network this way and get more Free Traffic to your Site for clicks on your Anoox button. Plus get many other benefits that comes from placing your Anoox button on your Site. And best of all placing your Anoox button on your Site takes only few Minutes to do.
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There are many ways that you can contribute to Anoox not-for-profit Cooperative, such as getting involved with us as a Developer, or reporting the News via our online magazine, etc.