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Anoox Video Call
Video Calls: Instant, Secure, Private
Seriously Awesome
No App or Software
to download, to install and continuously update
High-quality Video meetings
right within your ubiquitous Web browser
Whether you are at a park in London, a hotel in Berlin, a museum in Paris, a cafe in Rome, a restaurant in Vienna, a school in Stockholm, at work in San Francisco, at beach in LA, on stroll in Charleston - and all points in between; you can have instant Video meetings with your family, friends, business clients and of course other members; via your Anoox Video room - for Free
for 1 to 1 meetings Anoox Video Chat is best since it is instantanous as it is 100% Web based
How does it work?
3 Simple ways you can have Video Chat via your Anoox account
Give your Video Call URL / Number
Log into your Anoox account and from your Video call dashboard copy and send your Video call URL to whom you want to have Video meetings with. And you yourself click on the button
Access My Video Chat
Click to call Members who are Live
When you see member who is Live, which you can see by a green
icon appearing next to their "Lets Video Chat" button, click to Video call them. If they accept your call you will have instant Video chat
Invite to Video Chat at set Date/Time
Click on member
Lets Video Chat
button, if they are not online or busy you will be able to invite them to Video chat. Anoox Video chat system will then send you both related emails with respective URLs to click on
Note: to initiate a Video chat you need to be an Anoox member, to attend a Video chat you been invited to you can be a member or non-member
Make Video Call
You need to be logged into your Anoox Social Networking account to access your Video call dashboard
From Any Web Browser
Anoox Video call is the easiest way to meet with high quality Video & Audio with no App or software download required. Just click to have Video meetings with one another no matter where in the World you are all located
Free Video Calls
Have instant Video meetings for Free with your friends, family, clients, co-workers, and of course other members, WorldWide within your Web browser -
Anoox Video Chat is Advertising Supported
One short URL for your Video Calls
Pass a single short URL to all who you want to have Video meetings with. They will be prompted for their name before entering your Video Chat room
Included Text Chat
Via your Video Chat room you will also have access to Text chat so that you can pass text messages and share URLs as needed to make meetings smooth
Password protect your Video Chat
If you want only authorized People to be able to enter your Anoox Video Chat room you can Password protect your room. Once you Password protect your Video Chat then no Video Calls are made to you until the correct Password is entered
Permission require your Video Chat
You can opt to have your Video Chat room operate in the way that before a person can enter into Video meeting with you they are annoucned to you and with your Approval only given entery into your Video chat room
100% Private
Your Anoox Video Chat sessions are 100% Private since We don not record or store your Video meetings content in anyway. Only thing we record regarding a Video meeting are when it was started and when it was ended and some ip related details for purpose of showing relevant Advertising
You can Show and Sell with Video far more than you can via a simple Web page or email. Whether you are selling clothes, furniture, cars, real-estate, vacations, bikes, etc. etc.
Video Makes For Better Web
  • By seeing someone and talking with them in person, what only Video allows you to do, you can have Trust in each other and Trust increases gains
  • Conversely by being able to see and talk with someone, you are much more likely to avoid scammers who hide behind fake text chat, messaging & avatars
  • Communicating with People via Email or Text chat can be very impersonal and create much friction which Video entirely removes
  • When we cannot be together with family and loved ones Video brings us together
Anoox Video Call: Beautiful, Simple, Instant & Free
Video Calling
Try For Free
You need to be logged into your Free Anoox Social Networking account to access your Video Chat room
System Requirements
  • Anoox Video meeting works on 99% of all devices and browsers, whether PC or Mac
  • You need to of course have Video/Audio device attached to your PC or Mac
  • You need to be on a modern Web browser such as Chrome, FireFox, Edge or Opera - 2018 or later release
  • You need to be on a PC or Mac or Android based phone with good internet connection
  • Your internet connection needs to be direct and not behind FireWalls
[+] Video chat currently does not work on Mac Safari
Few things truly make the World a better place than being able to instantly meet with one another no matter where in the World we are located! What Anoox is now offering for Free* via our state of the art Video meeting service
You can have up to 1 Hour of free Video Calls per day as free members, which is enough for 90% of the members. You can have unlimited free Video Calls as a premium member
** Only Video call members or invite someone to Video meeting if you have something to discuss of mutual interest. Do not SPAM, for if too many people report your Video calls as SPAM your privilege to make Video calls will be suspended
Anoox Video Chat is also available via Enterprise Sales for Custom integration into your Site - See Details