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Advertising that is Easy, Effective & Low Cost
For the Most Traffic to your Site for lowest cost of advertising
ONLY non-profit
Search engine & Social network, the
ONLY choice
for effective low cost Traffic
Top reasons to Start your Advertising Campaign via Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network
SAVE 50 to 90%+
on Advertising costs, compared to Google™, Facebook™, etc. since Anoox is the non-profit Search engine & Social network
Your Ads
dislpay for Free
- you only pay for Clicks on your Ads for
qualified people
to come to your Site
You reach
Millions of Potential
Customers when they are looking for what you are offering
You can Target your Ads based on Keywords, Topics & GEO; and now Gender & Age too - resulting in
effective targeted Traffic
to your Site
You decide how much to spend on Advertising - from
only $1.50 per Day
You can easily manage your Ads via a user friendly Dashboard that you can access any time on any device
You can cancel any time if you think this is not
BEST Advertising value
for your Site -
Bar None
We been in business for
10+ Years
, putting Small businesses above Profits and share prices on Wall Street
How does Advertising on Anoox Work?
Advertising on Anoox Search Engine & Social Network is very Easy, Effective & Low Cost. With your Ads showing for FREE (aka impressions) and you only paying for Clicks on your Ads for qualified people to come to your Site
  • You open your Advertising account with a deposit from as little as $25
  • Your Ads show for free to people interested in your offering
  • You only pay for click on your Ads for qualified people to come to your Site
  • You can target your Ads based on Keywords, Topics & GEO, Gender & Age
  • No long term contract, cancel any time if you think this is not best Advertising value
  • Via user friendly Dashboard see how your Ads are performing to BOOST your Traffic
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How Much Traffic Can We Get to our Site?
Even though cost of Advertising via Anoox are some of the lowest, because we are the
only non-profit
Search Engine & Social Network, our Traffic Stats are not. So you can expect to get the quality Traffic you want to BOOST your Site Traffic and Sales
  • Our traffic comes from operating this MASSIVE non-profit Search Engine & Social Network
  • These are technology intensive services that took 10+ Years to develop and mature
  • These are Gateway services for many for their daily Lives
  • For Millions Search Engine & Social Network are the Hub of their daily lives
  • Via these free services we can clearly see what someone is looking for and when
  • We can then Target your Ads to the right People at the right time
  • Resulting in most effective Advertising based traffic for your Site
Our Key Traffic Stats
Total Members:
2.50 Million
Views Last Month:
6.74 Million
Effective Low Cost Traffic
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How Anoox SAVEs Us 50 to 95%+ in Advertising costs?
Answer has to do with the fact that we are the only non-profit Search engine & Social network Collective, where one of our key goals is to pass Billions in SAVINGs to Small Businesses on Main Street who are members of our Collective. How we actually go about delivering on this goal has multiple parts:
  • Most important: We LIMIT Big business Advertising, to create "Level Playing Field"
  • We do not have luxury life style and associated exorbitant expenses
  • We use methods to keep the price of per clicks to the lowest possible
  • Our Advertising system is entirely Self-Managed, so we can pass the savings to you
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Is this Advertising Suitable for My Business?
Anoox Advertising is suitable for Small businesses whom are OK with a Self-managed Advertising account. An Analogy will perhaps best describe who this Advertising is suitable for. With that said keep in mind that your Anoox Advertising comes with
Satisfaction GUARANTEE
, so you can Try your Advertising on Anoox Search engine & Social network Risk FREE to see that it works for you
  • Small Business focused
  • Most of our Traffic comes from UK, USA, European Union, Canada & Australia/NZ
  • You can target your Ads based on 100+ Topics, Keyword, GEO, Age & Gender
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Because Anoox is the best... I've had site's indexed with you before and received a lot of real traffic once we started our Advertising with Anoox
Assentialz - Music
LOS ANGELES - United States
Your Advertising Satisfaction GUARANTEED
We know that as a Small non-profit organization operating this MASSIVE Search engine & Social network, we may not be able to make everyone Happy with our Advertising offering. So we give you an Advertising industry unheard of 14 days Money back GUARANTEE if you are not 100% Happy with your Anoox Advertising results
  • We only want you to be an Advertiser with us if you are Happy with your results
  • We will do our best Humanly possible to address any problems to your satisfaction
  • If you LOVE your Anoox Advertising results - we just ask you to tell others
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Still not convinced that this is best buy for your Site?
Then know these FACTS:
  • We are the only non-profit Search engine & Social network for 10+ Years
  • There is good reason for this as detailed here
  • This means we are your only choice for effective low cost Advertising
  • Wall Street Big Search engine & Social network rather you not know these facts
  • So that you pay them 10 to 20 times more for Advertising
  • Or you can Advertise on Anoox, the the only non-profit Search engine & Social network, from only $1.50 per Day SAVING 1000s of $/€/£ per Month

If you are still not convinced then go ahead and drop us a line with any questions and/or issues you have with opening your Advertising account. We will do our best to reply to you in a timely fashion

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