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How can Anoox SAVE US 50% to 90%+ on Cost of Advertising
We are often Asked:
How Anoox SAVE's Small Businesses 90%+ on Cost of Advertising, compared to Big Tech such as Google™, Facebook™, etc.?
The answer has to do with the fact that we are the only non-profit Search engine & Social network Collective, where our goal is not to make Billionare on Wall Street, but our goal is to pass Billions in SAVINGs to Small Businesses on Main Street who are members of our Collective. How we actually go about delivering on this goal has multiple parts, they are:
We do not accept Big Business Advertising. To be exact we LIMIT how much a business can spend per Month on Advertising, to create something that does NOT exist in the for-profit Search engine & Social Media (i.e., Google™, FaceBook™, etc.), which is a "
Level Playing Field
" for Small Businesses to compete on. This results in HUGE Savings for Small business, who would have to otherwise pay exorbitant amounts on PPC Advertising to compete with Big businesses that can spend Millions per Month on Advertising - More.
We do not have the luxury life style and associated exorbitant expenses that our Wall Street peers have, which Luxury life style and exorbitant expenses of course you as the Advertisers of these firms have to pay for via exorbitant cost of Advertising to you - More.
There are NO Billionaires here in Anoox unlike our Wall Street peers, whose Billion Dollar compensations of course you pay for with your Hard Work, via exorbitant cost of Advertising to you. And there will NEVER be any Billionaires here in Anoox. Instead our staff are compensated on par with a University Professor.
We use methods to keep the price of per clicks to the lowest possible, unlike our Wall Street peers which use bidding frenzy to drive the price of per clicks ever higher.
Our Advertising system is entirely Self-Managed. This allows us to operate at a much lower cost of operation, so we can pass the SAVINGS to you in form of much lower cost of Advertising.
We are also Donation supported. And we use the generous Donations that we receive from our Global Community of supporters: small business owners & socially conscious people etc., to subsidize the much lower cost of Advertising that we do deliver - Donate.
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