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Anoox is the non-profit Search Engine & Social Network, the only one of its kind. We are a Global Community of do gooders, small business owners, socially conscious people, free thinkers; dedicated to operating this one of a kind non-profit, non-Wall Street based, Search engine and Social network, so that we can make the World a better place, by putting the Power of information in the hand of the People and passing Maximum value to the Public. We are dedicated to these GOALS:

Get the Best Answers out, get the Truth out, based on collectively discussing issues, aka Crowd Wisdom
Operate the People Powered Search Engine - offering real C h o i c e in regard to ALL important Search Engine, the Gateway to what People Know, Think and Buy
Provide Members with tools & services that makes them more productive, such as AI based My-2nd-Brain
Reward Members with more Free Traffic based on thoughtfully discussing Today's issues and answering member questions
Reward Members with Free Advertising for positively supporting Small Businesses that Advertise on Anoox
2-Million+ Members and 1000s more Joining per Week, because we put People over Profits ("POP")

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“There is really nothing else like Anoox in the World! A not for profit Social Search Network dedicated to Public service over profit and share prices on Wall Street and with Millions of Members and Users. WOW!”

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I like being in a Network that is non-profit and I like the fact that Anoox is a search engine that "We the People" control. I think Anoox is going to revolutionize
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