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What is Anoox? And why it is so Good for me on Main Street?
Anoox is the non-profit Social network and Search engine Collective, the only one of its kind in the World+. We are a Global community dedicated to making a real Social Impact, by Channeling the awesome power of Search engine & Social network to build a Better World, where technology brings us closer together to: make new Friends, meet new Clients, get the best Answers out, Grow our small businesses, and more...
Our Manifesto
Key Facts About Us
Key Reasons to Join
Our Manifesto
  • Foster freedom of information and expression, by offering real Choice in regard to all important Search engine & Social network - More
  • Do not Track peoples activities and then follow them around with creepy Ads. People's data is their data. Period - More
  • Reward members who are here to do GOOD with Free Traffic, and quickly get rid of those posting SPAM or Fake messages - More
  • Deliver much lower cost of Advertising to Small businesses - More
  • Be an Enabler rather than a Decider
  • Strive for an open Internet
  • Be Totally Transparent
  • Do not be driven by buzzword Du jour but deliver real technology: "Make it as simple as possible but no simpler"
  • For a better World SAVE Billions for Main Street rather than be a Billionaire on Wall Street
  • Donate most of any Profits you make to organization working to make Maximum Social & Environmental IMPACT- More
Key Facts About Us
  • We have been under development for more than 10 Years and on May/2019 released Full Version 12 - details
  • We are developed and maintained by a Global community, mainly working on Volunteer and some on Full time basis
  • We have 2.36 Million Members with 1000s more Joining every Week - Join
  • We have a notable average 5.54 Million* views per Month - Help Spread Anoox
  • We are, as far as we know, the only non-profit Search engine & Social network in in the World - for good reasons
Key Reasons to Join
  • You can contribute to Anoox Human Powered Search Engine project, so that we have a real Choice to Google™ Monopoly over Search
  • You can get social on the network that is dedicated to empowering YOU on Main Street and not Hollywood celebrities and Billionaires
  • You can know your searches & social activities are not being Tracked, so you have your Data & Privacy intact and are Free of Creepy Ads following you around
  • You can meet New Friends/Clients and get more Free Traffic by simply answering questions you are expert in and sincerly dicussing Today's issues
  • You can share stories, photos, videos, polls, etc. for Private discussions with friends, family, or co-workers from around the World
  • You can securely take Notes via My-2nd-Brain, to remember everything important to you, recover them via Natural Language from anywhere and device
  • You can securely Chat with your family, friends and clients via your Anoox private chat channel, whether you are on a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone
  • You can Help grow your Small business by coming together in this Collective dedicated to supporting Small businesses on Main Street
CHANGE your Social Network - CHANGE the WORLD for BETTER
Our Free Services
Social Network
  • Ask questions or start discussions about issues that are imortant to you or about Today's public issues
  • Answer questions or join discussions to get the Best answers out, get the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom
  • Meet New People and get Free traffic, when People Like your questions, answers, what you have shared
  • Grow your social network based on number of People who Like you, Follow you & Friend you
  • Publish stories, photos, videos, polls, etc. to connect with friends, family, or co-workers from around the World
  • Meet new friends and opportunities based on similar interests or mutually beneficial offerings
Collective Search Engine
This is our revolutionary Search Engine, where search results are Powered by Crowd Wisdom. Where our collective Wisdom, the Crowd, drives the search results. So that we foster freedom of information and an open internet; so that we have a real Choice to Google™ Monopoly over Search. Also a search engine that is totally private to use as it does not track you - More
My 2nd Brain
Your personal Search engine. An AI-based Virtual Assistance that empowers you to remember everything, for your private use only, share when you want. No App or Software to download - All you need is a Web browser on any device - More.
Messenger / Chat
Instantly & securely Chat World Wide in your own private Chat room, with 1 or many, no matter on what device you are all on. No App or Software to download - All you need is a Web browser on any device - More.
Polls & Survery
Easily create and add Polls to your questions & discussions here on Anoox Social Network or to your Site. Share with friend and colleagues with ease. No App or Software to download - More.
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