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Quick Guide to Anoox Social Search network for getting most out of this Network - for Rocketing to the Top!

Anoox is the non-profit Social network & Search engine, to get the best Answers out, to get the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom, which means based on what you Think & Like. Our Goal is to put People and Small Businesses ahead of Profits and Share prices on Wall Street. So the more Social you are on Anoox, the more you are part of the solution to put People and Small businesses on Main Street ahead of Wall Street, the more you will get back.

Key Steps for being Social on Anoox:

MOST IMPORTANT 1st Step is to Answer member questions and enter into Dicussions about Current events More Info - GO
Post genuine and thoughtful replies: The more genuine and thoughtful replies you post to questions or discussions already posted, the more you are part of the solution to get the best Answers out, to get the Truth out, the more people will like you and like your replies. This will then have the by product of connecting you with new Opportunities & sending more Free Traffic to your Site based on People visiting your profile.

The more you share, the more you get: Good rule of thumb is to post at least 10 answers per day. Our members who get lots of value from Anoox post on a daily basis 100s of messages here. But of course only post replies to Questions or Discussions that you genuinely care about and you feel you have something valuable to contribute to. So if you have nothing to share about Current events then post nothing, if you have a lot to share about Current events then post alot and you will correspondingly get a lot back from this network.

Post your Questions or start your Discussions - but give before taking More Info - GO
Answer many Questions before posting yours: Before Posting your 1st Public Question or Discussion, make sure to Answer many already posted Questions or Discussions. Because this will then tell other members that you are here to Give and not just to Take. And this will also familiarize you with the culture and flow of information exchange that takes place here on Anoox non-profit network, which familiarity will then help you to Post better Questions or Discussions.

Post Public Question with opportunity and responsibility: Posting your own Questions or Discussions comes with enormous opportunity and responsibility. Since your question or discussion will be broadcast to Anoox members interested in this subject matter. So 1st please make sure that a Question/Discussion that you are posting for Public release is actually for the benefit of the general public and not your Site. Enormous opportunity because a Question you post can go Big, based on how interesting it is to the Public, and the bigger it goes the more value you gain from it.

Public vs Private: You can also Post Questions or Discussion that are solely for the benefit of your Site or Business. In this case just make sure to post them as Private. In this case of course we will not notify Anoox members as to your posting and you will notify your circle of Friends, Colleagues, Clients, etc. on your own as you like. You can even embed your Posting into your Site via an iFrame code you get. So that you can discuss with them the issues on your post for Free as this Anoox service is still Free even when you post things for Private.

Search Collective - Anoox search engine are Powered Cooperatively by People Like YOU More Info - GO
A search engine Cooperative: Like rest of Anoox, Anoox search engine is operated with the mission of empowering People to control the information rather than powerful Wall Street class as is the case with Google's search results which are mysteriously generated. So with Anoox search engine, it is "We the People" that Collectively and Cooperatively controls the search results by sharing what we know and like about subjects that interest us. So if Anoox search results are not good about a subject, you only have yourself to blame for not having taken charge of that subject and made the results better, because this is a search engine Powered by People Like YOU.

Easy yet Powerful: Anoox search engine is based on a Simple yet Powerful idea: that Crowd Wisdom ultimately produces the best Answers, is the key to getting the Truth out. So when you search via Anoox search engine, YOU can Vote for a given listing under a given keyword, which Votes by YOU and People like YOU will drive the listing Up or Down in the rankings. Additionally YOU can post Review(s) about a listing, which Review(s) then become available to the Public when they search for that keyword. Thus, it is Crowd Wisdom, that is the majority Vote of the People that controls the Anoox search engine.

The more you share the more you get, but do not SPAM: Of course a Search engine controlled by the People can be abused with SPAM and frivolous self-serving Reviews. However we believe that when given a chance People will do Good, since People by nature are Good. So the more Good information that you share via Anoox search engine the more People will click on your nick-name which can benefit you in priceless ways. OTOH, those who do Bad by posting SPAM or self-serving Reviews, know that our system and Good members will quickly flush you out.

Make Friends - the more Friends you make the more your network effect More Info
Make Friends: One of the Key aspects of Anoox non-profit network is to connect People based on shared interest and mutual benefits. So whenever someone shares something via Anoox Questions, Discussions, Search engine, etc. you can click on their nick-name and visit their Profile. And should you like what they are posting and feel that you can benefit each other in a mutual way, then go ahead and click on their Friend Me button to Friend them. If they accept your invitation, you are then added to each others circle of Friends.

The bigger your circle of Friends the more your network effect: There are many benefits that you can gain by how Big your circle of Friends are. Such as when you post a Question or start a Discussion, then your circle of Friends are instantly notified, whether your posting is of type Public or Private. So lets say you have a new Product release at your Site, if your circle of Friends is 1000 people, they will be notified of this which needless to say can benefit you enormously and all for FREE.

Do not SPAM the Friend invites: Do not invite someone to become your Friend just for the sake of enlarging your circle of Friends, as this would be considered to be SPAM. Only invite someone to become your Friend if you have shared something(s) with them, such as you both were answering the same Question or discussing the same issues and you sincerely found his/her replies to be mutually complimentary. And only after visiting their Profile to make sure what they want you offer and/or vis versa.

Do not SPAM or post frivolous messages: If you are here just to get Free Traffic, and hence SPAM, you will NOT Get any. You might as well close your account and Go Away now. OTOH, if you get our Mission which is to make the World a better place via free flow of information and ideas, free of Wall Street biases, then you will do well here as a Citizen of the World who wants to discuss Current issues and discover Solutions to these issues based on Crowd Wisdom.