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The non-profit Search engine & Social network Collective - Est 2004
Why Anoox?
We Need Choice
Choice is good
Choice is healthy
Choice is empowering
Choice makes LIFE Better

To see these facts, consider some analogies:

Imagine, if our choice for eating World Wide was pretty much limited to Wall Street based McDonald™?

Imagine, if our choice for shopping World Wide was pretty much limited to Wall Street based WalMart™?

Imagine, if our choice for buying Autos World Wide was pretty much limited to one Auto maker?

You can Imagine what a drab, unhealthy, stifling, nightmarish World that would be. Well, the same nightmarish scenario will be the case in regard to information and commerce if our Choice for finding things World Wide was limited to one Wall Street based search engine [1]: Google™. Because there is one TRUISM that has held through out the ages, and that is:

Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts
And the above core facts for why we need more Choices in regard to the all important Search engine, based on which Anoox was founded way back in 2004, were proven by the European Union imposing record fines of $2.7 Billion on Google on June 2017 for manipulating its search results. But in fact these fines will have little effect, if we do not have Choice.
We need Privacy - ALWAYS
We need
much Lower cost Advertising for Small businesses -
More Fair Markets
Contrary to the promise of "Free Markets" we actually have a very un-Free = unfair Markets. Because on one hand we have the 0.01% Wall Street connected businesses whom can raise $100-Million, $500-Million, even Billions of Dollars, as an equity investment, which means they do not have to pay it back. And hence without Fear of losing their House or going bankrupt, can spend lavishly to dominate Market after Market. And OTOH, we have the 99.99% of (small) businesses out there whom do not have a
Wall Street sugar daddy
, for whom raising a
small $500K requires doing so by borrowing against the equity in their House, or personally Guaranteeing the loan or be part of the 0.000001% that appears on SharkTank™. So whereas Wall Street funded companies can spend 10s of Millions of Dollars per Month on Advertising with little worry, for 99.99% of businesses spending Millions of Dollars per Month on Advertising is
NOT an Option
, so they will always get Crushed by the Wall Street funded companies that can spend Millions per Month on Advertising.
What is the solution?
We need a
level playing field
when it comes to Advertising. An Advertising platform that limits how much Big businesses can spend on Advertising, so that Wall Street connected firms have
NO UNFAIR Advantage
, or at least less unfair Advantage, over non-Wall Street connected firms. This is what Anoox does by limiting how much a business can spend on Advertising to Maximum of only $1000 per Month. Thereby creating an Advertising platform that delivers much lower cost Advertising to small businesses, a
level playing field
. This is something we are uniquely doing, because as a non-profit Search engine & Social network, we care not about Maximizing revenues and share prices on Wall Street, but we care only about doing
Maximum good
- Details.
By rejecting Big Business Advertising, we are taking
an important step
toward creating a more Free & Fair Markets, but this is one step toward this Goal. Many other steps need to be taken, by Governments and Organizations wanting to make a real Social IMPACT. Something that will only happen if
become aware of what un-Free & unFair Markets we currently have and Get involved.
The World needs a Non-profit Search engine & Social network
We need a non-profit Search engine & Social network. One that puts the interest of People, Small businesses and the Environment above Profit and Share prices on Wall Street. Because too much of the incredible value that the Internet can generate is going to the Wall Street based Big Businesses and the Billionaire class, as you can see from Google™, Facebook™ and Amazon™ which are worth more than 90% of all small businesses on the Internet. Now you can hope and expect for Governments to rein in the excesses of Big corporations, but this actually becomes less and less of a possibility since Big corporations have bigger and bigger influence over Government via their near limitless budgets to hire Lobbyist, do Advertising, and own whole Media outlets, to
control any agenda or discussions
. So in fact any talk of Government regulating the Wall Street based Big Businesses is just talk and will NEVER become reality. So
the only way
, to right these imbalances is through a non-profit Social Network & Search Engine, since Social Network & Search Engine are the Gateways through which People in Today's World communicate, know and buy. A Social Search Network that would puts People & Environment over Profits ("POP") and Share prices on Wall Street. And this non-profit Search engine & Social network would then need to be supported by Major Grants.
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