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Take Notes from Anywhere - Retrieve your Notes from Anywhere
Remember Everything: Be more Productive - more Organized - more Relaxed
No App to download - All you need is a Web browser on any device
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" I have been looking for such a capability of Organizing my thoughts in place for 15 years! Thank you for making this amazing service available to us. And Free too! WOW! Je bent geweldig :) "
Amsterdam NETHERLANDS (Holland) - member since: 2014-06-21
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My-2nd-Brain is your AI-based Virtual Assistance that empowers you to Organize your data and recover them via Natural Language from any device.
Take Notes about anything you want to Remember: from Site URLs, to Meetings, to News Stories, to Projects, to Hotel reservations, etc. etc. etc.
Attach photos to your Notes, to easily create Photo albums of your travels, business meeetings, family members, etc..
Your Notes are only view-able by you and they are 100% secure via SSL encryption.
Designate a Note as an Event with Date & Time and have My-2nd-Brain send you Reminder of the Event.
Designate an Event to be Recurring, so that you are sent Reminder of it as it recurs, so that you NEVER AGAIN forget a Birthday, Anniversary, etc..
Share selected Notes with friends, colleagues, etc., with or without Password required. Cancel Sharing anytime you want.
Hyper link selected Notes, for instant viewing of the linked Web Site.
Create Folders on the fly, and save your Notes to the selected Folders for more accuracy and organization.
Hash Tag a Note so that you can directly locate it via the selected Hash Tag.
Set your My-2nd-Brain dashboard to be your arrival page when you log into your Anoox account, to be instant with your Note taking & fetching.
My-2nd-Brain is another FREE Advertising Supported service of Anoox Social Search Network.