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Message to our community about COVID-19
With the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of CoronaVirus (aka COVID-19), we would like to reassure you our members, readers & advertisers across the Globe that our small staff of full time employees and volunteers from around the World are working hard to ensure that Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network will be operating smoothly to remain as your trusted source of unbiased information and means for Worldwide communication and collaboration and effective low cost advertising for small businesses that need this non-profit Search engine & Social network more than ever. Throughout these challenging times, as per our founding charter, we will remain dedicated to putting People above Profits to ensure freedom of information, freedom of communication, access to knowledge for all and small business focus -
We are in a most remarkable circumstances due to the disruption to life and business caused by COVID-19. This pandemic makes clear our global interconnected economies, health and well being. We have no precedent for the challenges that this pandemic imposes on us, but we shall do our best to support our members, users and advertisers, as always, via this one of a kind Search engine & Social network that is free of any profits and share prices on Wall Street, dedicated to our Collective well being, dedicated to
Public Service

We want to acknowledge the invaluable work of all our volunteers and members that make Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network possible. Most importantly, we are proving that, in a time of "Social distancing", we can celebrate our Human Union by coming together in this Social network, dedicated to putting People over Profits ("POP"): to share facts and information, to get the best answers out, get the Truth out, meet safely online; while supporting one another and empowering countless Small businesses who depend on this network for their growth and survival during normal times and specially now during these CoronaVirus driven difficult times.

You can be assured that we shall keep working on 24/7 basis to be your reliable source for fact based neutral information via our People powered search engine & Social network. Now, as always, our priority shall be to remain the Search engine & Social network that puts your interest, the Public Service, above all else.

Remain healthy and happy

Dean Ansari,
Managing Director

An AI based note taking system to enable you to
Remember Everything
Be more Organized - more Productive - more Relaxed
No App to download - All you need is a Web browser on any Device
Member Comments
" I have been looking for such a capability of Organizing my thoughts in place for 15 years! Thank you for making this amazing service available to us. And Free too! WOW! Je bent geweldig :) "
Amsterdam NETHERLANDS (Holland) - member since: 2014-06-21
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Anoox My-2nd-Brain is your AI-based Virtual Assistance that empowers you to Organize your data and recover them via Natural Language from any device.
Take Notes about anything you want to Remember: from Site URLs, to Meetings, to News Stories, to Projects, to Hotel reservations, etc. etc. etc.
Attach photos to your Notes, to easily create Photo albums of your travels, business meeetings, family members, etc..
Your Notes are only view-able by you and they are 100% secure via SSL encryption.
Designate a Note as an Event with Date & Time and have My-2nd-Brain send you Reminder of the Event.
Designate an Event to be Recurring, so that you are sent Reminder of it as it recurs, so that you NEVER AGAIN forget a Birthday, Anniversary, etc..
Share selected Notes with friends, colleagues, etc., with or without Password required. Cancel Sharing anytime you want.
Hyper link selected Notes, for instant viewing of the linked Web Site.
Create Folders on the fly, and save your Notes to the selected Folders for more accuracy and organization.
Hash Tag a Note so that you can directly locate it via the selected Hash Tag.
Set your My-2nd-Brain dashboard to be your arrival page when you log into your Anoox account, to be instant with your Note taking & fetching.
My-2nd-Brain is another FREE Advertising Supported service of Anoox Social Search Network.