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Anoox non-profit Social Search Network - FAQ
1 - How is it that Anoox is the only non-profit Search engine & Social Network?
Because Anoox is that rarest of Internet companies that puts People over Profits (POP). So it took us 10+ Years and Tons of sweat equity Capital by volunteers from around the World to develop this network for the benefit of People & Small Businesses on Main Street rather than for profits and share prices on Wall Street - More Info.
2 - What does it mean that Anoox search engine is People Powered?
Anoox search engine results are driven by the Collective Crowd Wisdom, which means by what "We the People" think and like. How this works in detail is explained here.
3 - How do we as Anoox members get the best Answers out? Get the Truth out?
There are many parts to our Collective effort to get the best Answers out, to get the Truth out. They are composed of:

1- Anoox People Powered Search engine, where the search results are driven by "Crowd Wisdom". Because for most people the 1st place they go to get the answer to their questions is the search engine. So you can say that search engine is THE GATEWAY to what People know and buy - More.

2- Anoox Conversations, where you can discuss your questions and today's issues with real people in free flowing conversations and arrive at "Crowd Wisdom" via back and forth discussions and debates - More.

3- Anoox Polls, because sometimes the only way to get the Best answers out, to get the Truth out, is via Numerically tallying the collective "Crowd Wisdom", which means doing so via Polls. Moreover Polls allow you to embed your questions and resulting answers into your Site - More.
4 - How do I get more Free Traffic from Anoox social search network?
The primary way that you get more Free Traffic from Anoox is by passionately discussing Today's news, by answering member questions about subject matter that you are expert in, via Anoox Conversations. And, VERY important: by being liked by other members for your answers & comments, etc..

Secondary, you get more Free Traffic from Anoox by helping to improve the search results, by posting Polls at your Site that get lots of Votes, etc.

Your activities on Anoox network, are then reflected by your Anoox point levels and ranking, which tell other members how trustworthy and a good guy you are, which then results in more Free Traffic for your Site, - More.

So if you are here just to get Free Traffic by posting SPAM, you wont get any, you might as well close your account and Go Away NOW. OTOH, if you are here to passionately discuss Today's issues, to be part of the effort to get the best Answers out, get the Truth out, via Anoox non-profit Social Media & Search, in contrast to the FAKE News & Reviews of Big Wall Street Media, then you can expect to get lots of Free Traffic as a result of your helpful answers and comments.

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5 - How do I get Free Advertising from Anoox social search network?
As the only non-profit Social Search Network, Anoox does something quite unique, that is we give you Free Advertising. You get Free Advertising based on Anoox Credits you earn.

The primary way that you earn Anoox Credits is by supporting small businesses that Advertise on Anoox, this means by clicking on their Ads and visiting their Site and supporting them.

The secondary way that you can earn Anoox Credits is by placing your Free Anoox button on your Site.

The ultimate Goal of this effort is that we are creating an ecosystem that delivers low cost effective Advertising to Small Businesses, which can be yourself Tomorrow.

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6 - What is exactly My-2nd-Brain and is it Free?
Anoox My-2nd-Brain is an AI based personal productivity service, that empowers you to take Notes from Anywhere and Retrieve your Notes from Anywhere. Thus enabling you to Remember Everything, so that you are much more Productive, Organized and as a result even more Relaxed. Best of all Anoox My-2nd-Brain requires No App to download, all you need is a Web browser that you already have on any device.

The best way to really appreciate the power of My-2nd-Brain, to see how much more productive it makes you, is by using it. Use it to organize and remember the details of your next trip, your next home improvement project, your next party, etc. etc..

And Yes, My-2nd-Brain is another FREE Advertising supported service of Anoox social search network.

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7 - How do I access My-2nd-Brain and take and retrieve Notes?
Once logged into your Anoox free account, look to the upper right corner of your screen, this applies to any of the member pages, and see the Orange circular shape Plack (Button) with the icon of Brain on it. Click on that and you will enter your My-2nd-Brain dashboard. You can then proceed to take Notes about whatever you want.


(*) Once you are at your My-2nd-Brain dashboard, you can click on the Button with the icon of a Home on it which is on the upper right of the scree, where the Brain icon was, and set your My-2nd-Brain dashboard to be your arrival page once you log into your Anoox account, so that you are instantaneous with accessing your My-2nd-Brain.

(*) You can also access your My-2nd-Brain dashboard directly, by going to:
so that you are even faster with your My-2nd-Brain Note taking.

(*) From your My-2nd-Brain dashboard you can always click on the User Guide button which is next to the Home (icon) button to get a quick guide about how to use your My-2nd-Brain.
8 - How do I create a Poll and add it to my Site for Free?
To create a Poll just go to Poll Create page and proceed to enter the question and answers of your Poll along with look & feel customization you want. And click to create your Poll. After your select the Topics of your Poll and verify that all is OK with it, you click to submit it, whereby it will be instantly created.

After your Poll is created you will be given an iFrame code, a 2 line HTML code, which you can Copy & Paste to where you want on your Site. After which your Site visitors will be able to partake in your Poll from your Site with your Poll seamlessly hosted on the Cloud by Anoox for Free.
9 - How do I create a Survey and add it to my Site? And is it totally Free?
A Survey is a bunch of Polls, linked together to be taken one after another. To create a Survey, all you have to do is: when creating a Poll give the Polls the same Group Name. Once you do this then your users (Site visitors, etc.) after taking the 1st Poll will be instantly presented the 2nd Poll for taking, then the 3rd Poll for taking, etc.

And you add your Survey to your Site by just Copying and Pasting the 2 line iFrame Code that is given to you after creating the 1st Poll in your Group of Polls.

And Yes, Polls (Survey) is another FREE Advertising Supported service of Anoox Social Search Network.
10 - What happens after someone Friends me?
After someone Friends you, then you will be informed of all their Anoox Social activities, such as Questions they post, Discussions they start, Polls they create, etc. and vis-versa they will informed of all your Social activities. So the more Members that you Friend, the greater will be your free marketing effort on Anoox social network.

DO NOT SPAM: Only Friend People who you have genuine shared interest with. Otherwise, if you Friend people just to increase your Free network effect, you will be rejected by people you have asked to Friend, and if you are rejected by too many people you be will flagged as SPAMMer and rejected from the network.

Tip: Best way to make new Friends is to post answers to questions you are passionate or knowledgeable about and meet people similarly interested about same issues.
11 - What is the difference between "Friend me" and "Follow me"?
When you Follow someone, then you will be informed of all their Anoox Social activities, such as Questions they post, Discussions they start, Polls they create, etc. but they will not be informed of your Social activities. So whereas Friend-ing someone is a bi-directional connection, Following someone is a uni-directional connection.


(1) Whereas Friend-ing someone requires sending them a message to Accept your invite to Friend each other. Following someone does not require sending a message and takes place instantly upon clicking the "Follow Me" button for them.

(2) Both the person that you are Following and you can always Reject/Cancel the connection from the related pages from your My Anoox dashboard.
12 - How can I access my Anoox Free Chat Service?
Once logged into your Anoox free Social networking account, click on "My Live Chat" button and you will enter your Anoox Chat page from where:
1- you can click to enter your Chat Dashboard from where you can invite your friends, colleague, business contacts, etc. into your Chat room.
2- click to enter your Chat room.
13 - How do I use my Anoox Chat on my Mobile Phone?
Whether you are on an Apple iPhone or an Android based phone, just launch your Web browser and go to your Anoox chat room, by of course going to and loging into your Anoox account. If you have been invited into an Anoox Chat session by an Anoox chat member just click on the invitation email you have been sent and you will be auto loged into the Chat. Once inside the Anoox Chat room on your Mobile phone, the messaging will look just like how the text messages on your Mobile Phone service look, except that text messages that you send via Anoox Chat on your Mobile phone will be for FREE and will display to anyone any where in the World no matter what device they are on.