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FAQ : Key Points
How is it that Anoox is the only non-profit Search engine & Social Network?
Because Anoox is that rarest of Internet companies that puts People over Profits (POP). So it took us 10+ Years and Tons of sweat equity Capital by volunteers from around the World to develop this network for the benefit of People & Small Businesses on Main Street rather than for profits and share prices on Wall Street
What does it mean that Anoox search engine is People Powered?
Anoox search engine first Machine Indexes the listings, results are then Democratically ranked based on Crowd Wisdom. This means based on what the Collective, based on what YOU, think. So Anoox puts the Power of something as important as the Search engine, the Gateway to what People think, what People buy, who People vote for, etc. etc.; in the hand of the We the People, via our robust Social Network that is Free to Join.
How do we as Anoox members get the best Answers out? Get the Truth out?
There are many parts to our Collective effort to get the best Answers out, to get the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom. They are composed of:
  1. Anoox People Powered Search engine, where the search results are driven by Crowd Wisdom. Because for most people the 1st place they go to get the answer to their questions is the search engine. So you can say that search engine is THE GATEWAY to what People know and buy, etc..
  2. Anoox Social Network conversations, where you can discuss your questions and Today's issues with real people in free flowing conversations and arrive at the best answers via back and forth discussions and debates that are FREE of Big Corporate biases.
  3. Anoox Polls, because sometimes the only way to get the Best answers out, to get the Truth out, is via Numerically tallying the collective Crowd Wisdom, which means doing so via Polls. Moreover Polls allow you to embed your questions and resulting answers into your Site.
Do I have to help with getting the best Answers out, or can I just share what I post with friends family and colleagues?
No, you do not have to help with getting the best Answers out. You can use your Anoox Social network account for posting and discussing what you want only with friends, family and colleague. So if you want to meet new People and get more Free Traffic then you want to step into the Public side of your Anoox Social network account and discuss Today's issues or answer member questions about subjects you are expert in. OTOH, if you just want to use your Anoox Social network account to share your ideas, photos, videos, polls, etc. within your World that is just fine too.
What happens after someone Follows me?
After someone Follows you, then they will be informed of all your Anoox Social activities, such as Questions you post, Discussions you start, Videos you post, etc.. So the more people that Follow you, the greater will be your (free) marketing (network) effect.

NOTE: Best way to get people to Follow you is to post answers to questions you are passionate or knowledgeable about and meet people similarly interested about same issues who appreciate you for your intellect and/or passion. And of course to post Questions & Discussions that many people like.

What happened to 'Friend me'?
We have discountiuned Friend me since Friend me is just 2 people that Follow each other.
How do I get more Free Traffic from Anoox social search network?
You can get Free Traffic from Anoox based on how Socially active you are on Anoox network:
  • By passionately and thoughtfully discussing Today's news, by answering member questions in subject matter that you are expert in. And by being liked by other members for your answers & comments
  • With every cool Photos & Videos you post to your Anoox Book that are Liked by others
  • By helping to improve the search results via inputting likes, reviews and reports; and your inputs are Liked by others
How do I get Free Advertising from Anoox social search network?
As the only non-profit Search engine & Social network, Anoox does something quite unique, that is we give you Free Advertising. You get Free Advertising based on Anoox Credits you earn. The primary way that you earn Anoox Credits is by supporting small businesses that Advertise on Anoox, this means by clicking on their Ads and visiting their Site and supporting them. The secondary way that you can earn Anoox Credits is by placing your Free Anoox button on your Site, linked to your Anoox Book. The ultimate Goal of this effort is that we are creating an ecosystem that delivers low cost effective Advertising to Small Businesses, which can be yourself Tomorrow.
What is My-2nd-Brain and how do I use it?
Anoox My-2nd-Brain is an AI based personal productivity service, that empowers you to take Notes from Anywhere and Retrieve your Notes from Anywhere. Thus enabling you to Remember Everything, so that you are much more Organized, Productive, and hence more Relaxed. Best of all Anoox My-2nd-Brain requires No App to download, all you need is a Web browser that you already have on any device. The best way to really appreciate the power of My-2nd-Brain, to see how much more productive it makes you, is by using it. After all, Anoox My-2nd-Brain is another Free Advertising supported service of Anoox network. Use it to organize and remember the details of your next trip, your next home improvement project, your next party, etc. etc..
What is Anoox Chat service and can I use it on my Mobile phone?
Anoox Chat service is a simple and powerful chat service that you can use to Chat World Wide with Anoox members and/or your friend family and co-workers that are not members by inviting them into your Chat room. Best of all Anoox Chat requires No App to download, all you need is a Web browser. And since Anoox Chat is a Web based Chat, you can use it instantly on any device, including your Mobile phone.
How do I creat a Poll or Survery and add it to my Site?
  • To create a Poll, log into your Anoox Social networking account and click on Create Poll and proceed to enter the question and answers of your Poll along with look & feel customization you want and then click to create your Poll
  • You can then embed your Poll into your Anoox questions or discussions or simply share your Poll as a free standing item
  • You can also embed your Poll into your Site. You do this with an iFrame code, a 2 line HTML code, which you can Copy & Paste to where you want on your Site. After which your Site visitors will be able to partake in your Poll from your Site with your Poll seamlessly hosted on the Cloud by Anoox for Free
  • A Survey is a group of Polls linked together to be taken one after another. To create a Survey, all you have to do is: when creating a Poll give the Polls the same Group Name.
What Video size I can Upload as Free Member? And how do I Upload larger Videos?
  • As free members you can Upload 1 Video per Month that is up to 8 Megabytes
  • As Premium members you can Upload Videos that add up to 80 Megabytes per Month
  • To Upload even larger Videos you need to make a Donation equivalent to $1 for each additional Megabyte that you want to Upload. So if you want to upload say a Half an Hour Video, which will be about 150 Megabytes then you need to make a Donation of about $140 as Free member and $75 as Premium members. Please keep in mind that we are a small non-profit Search engine & Social network, so this means we have small resources to work with compared to Big Social Media of Google™/YouTube, Facebook™, Twitter™, etc., and hence we need such Donations to cover the expense of the massive disk space and bandwidth that Video requires. That is unlike Google, Facebook, etc. that have gotten Billions and Billions from Wall Street, we have gotten Zero from Wall Street and instead we operate this amazing Search engine & Social network for your benefit with Volunteers from around the Globe and Donations - Donate. So if you want to Upload a large Video, contact us with its Size, and we will let you how much you need to Donate for its Upload. After you have made the Donation then within 48 Hours you will be able to Upload the desired Video.
    But you should Donate to Anoox on regular basis anyway since we are the only non-profit Search engine & Social network, operating this amazing service as a Public service for your Ultimate Benefit
FAQ : Social Network
My question for public broadcast was rejected. Why?
Questions for public broadcasting must not in any way be for the benefit of your business or Web Site. As that would be SPAM. They must be for public benefit only about issues that the public at large is interested in. This generally means about Today's headline news or they can be about an issue that is of current interest. Most importantly the questions posted for public broadcasting must not contain any URLs or links to your Site. The only exception is if you are asking a software related questions about a problem with your Site pages and need to show an example of page to illustrate the problem, in which case the topic of your question must be about Web Site design & Development.

  • If you have 3 items in a row rejected for public posting, then you will lose your privilege to post for public broadcasting
  • You can include any URLs or other address info you like in items posted for your Anoox Network broadcasting or for Personal use
What is my Anoox Network and what can I broadcast to them?
Your Anoox Network is composed of everyone who is:
  • Following you
Whatever you post to your Anoox account, aka your Anoox Book, unless marked for Personal use only, will be Broadcasted to your Anoox Network. Which means they will be notified via email, and when logged into their account via a related Pop Up, that you have posted a new item to your Anoox Book, such as a new Questions, Discussion, Photo, Video, etc.. And so that then you all can then discuss about whatever you have posted to your Anoox Book.

you can include whatever URL or contact information you want when Posting an item to your Anoox network, so there is NO SPAM possible in such cases since these posting are for your Anoox network and not for Public broadcasting

Free Marketing Spring: If Free marketing is what you want, then your Anoox Network is the Gateway to this. How so? Say for example you have 10,000 people in your Anoox Network. Then when you post something to your Anoox Book we will inform these 10,000 people of your posting which can result in $500 to $5000 in Free Marketing/Advertising for you.

How do I grow my Anoox Network?
To grow your network, you need to grow the number of People who are Following you. You do this by:
  • First and foremost, Posting thoughtful and timely answers and replies to other members questions and discussions. If you want others to answer your questions and join your discussions, do the same for them first
  • Post questions and discussions that are of high Public interest. So for example, if you post a public question that is of high public interest and it goes viral, you can end up with 1000s of new Followers from such a single viral question or discussion
  • Share Videos and Photos that are captivating, highly entertaining, educational, Ah inspiring. So that when other members view them, they will say "Hey I like this Guy or Gal.. I want to Follow them"
  • When there is a Breaking News, break it here on Anoox for discussions rather than on Twitter, Instagram, etc. who do not care for you as a small business and person on Main Street as Anoox non-profit Social network does
  • Inform your friend, family, co-workers etc. that you are sharing your ideas and experiences via Anoox non-profit Social network and invite them to check them out via your Anoox Book and to Follow you
  • Follow people you like. And this way they may Follow you if you have posted items that is of interest to them and/or you have a Profile that appeals to them
What is my Personal Posting?
You can designate an item you are posting to be for your Personal use, in which case it will not be broadcast to any members.
  • Select this option when what you are posting you only want to discuss and share with your friends, family, co-workers, etc.
  • When you select this option we will not notify any Anoox members and instead you notify your selected people by emailing them the Share URL for this
  • When choosing this option, you can include whatever you want in your posting, from your Site URL, to Business name, etc.
What is my Book and how do I use it?
Your Anoox Book, contains all your Posts in 1 place for you to Share with the World. This means all your Questions, Discussions, Photos, Videos or Polls, etc. in 1 page for people to see and to comment on. Allowing you to Share what you have Published, whether for Public or Private display and discussions, in one place. So whether you want to discuss Today's current events, debate your business ideas, share Photos and Videos from your latest trip, or break a News Story with Video and Text, etc. etc., you can do all this via your Anoox Book. And for your convience you can link to your Anoox Book via your Anoox button, which button you can generate from member dashboard.

Best of all, when you link to your Anoox Book via your Anoox button placed on your Site, beside your Site visitors being able to instantly access your Book from your Site, you will earn Credits for each click on your Button, toward getting Advertising for Free

What is my Anoox Points and how does it determine my ranking?
Your Anoox Points measure how much you are Liked by other members for what you have shared and posted. Your Anoox Points then map into your ranking. So the higher your Point level and resulting Ranking, the more people will Follow you and trust you. All of which result in more people visiting your Profile from where you can link to your Site and hence get more Free Traffic, if more Free Traffic is what you want. Your Anoox Points are determined by:
  • Other members liking your answers to questions or discussions started by other members
  • Other members liking questions or discussions you have started
  • Other members liking you for how active and cool member of this network you are
What is Anoox Credits and how does it map into Free Advertising?
Toward our collective goal of creating an ecosystem that delivers much lower cost of Advertising to Small businesses, we give you Free Advertising, based on you supporting the Small businesses that Advertise here on Anoox network. Something you ought to do anyway, because Tomorrow you would want this low cost Advertising to your Site and would appreciate the similar support from other members. The Free Advertising you earn is based on Anoox Credits you earn, which Credits you earn based on:
  • You clicking on Advertiser Ads and supporting the linked Advertiser
  • Clicks on your Anoox button placed on your Site linked to your Anoox Book
What is the difference between my Anoox Credits and Points?
  • Your Anoox Points and resulting Ranking tell other members in a glance how Trusted and Liked you are, so they are more likely to Like you and Follow you
  • Your Anoox Credits map into getting paid Advertising for Free
  • Your Anoox Points and resulting Ranking display to other members, your Anoox Credits display to you only
How do I cancel my free Anoox Social network account?
  • Log into your free Anoox Social network account
  • If you have forgotten your password click on password recovery to recover your password to your email
  • Hold your mouse over "Account" tab and click on "Cancel Account"
  • Enter your password and click to Submit your password and cancel your account
WARNING: Please NOTE that cancellation is irreversible and that all your Data and Connections will be permanently Deleted
FAQ : My-2nd-brain
What is My-2nd-brain and How do I use it?
My-2nd-brain is another free service of your Anoox account. It is an AI based note taking system to enable you to Remember Everything: to be much more ogranized and productive. The way it works is that you can put whatever notes you want into your My-2nd-brain. As you type it will then instantly look for any matching Notes and will display them next to where you are typing, with multiple icons next to each matching note, with these icons providing you with related useful info about that notes, such as clicking to go to the URL that you linked this note to.
User Guide
What are some Examples of how My-2nd-brain can make me more organized and productive?
Imagine typing:
  • Property I saw in London on King street 3 years ago
  • My cousin Peter's birthday dinner party
  • Person I met on the train from Paris to Lyon last summer
  • What time is the Business meeting I have next week at New York W Hotel
  • Web Site of that potentially new client I saw driving on Oak Street
  • Views from our Hotel in Hawaii from that trip we took 5 years ago
  • etc. etc.
And instantly having these Notes with Photos of these Notes, that you took 3 days ago or 3 Years ago, at your finger tip, in contrast to spending Hours if not Days looking for these Notes and/or Photos. This Fabulous life where you are organized with your Notes, with your thoughts, so you can be much more organized, productive and indeed more relaxed, is what you get from My-2nd-brain service of your Anoox account.

Are my Notes via My-2nd-brain viewable by anyone else?
NO, not unless you Share them. Notes you take via My-2nd-brain are only accessible and viewable by you. They are also Secured via strong encryption so that they are 100% safe from any prying eyes.
  • You can however share your notes with whom you want
  • You can share your Notes with password required or no password required
  • You can terminate sharing of a Note as you like, in which case no one will be able to view that Note but you
Can I have My-2nd-brain send me reminders about my Notes?
Yes. This is a Very Powerful Feature of your My-2nd-Brain service. Via this option you can set a Note to be an event that you should be reminded of. You can then assign a Date & Time for the reminder. You will then be sent an email reminder about this Note at your selected date and time. And you can designate a Note to be:
  • A one time event, in which case you are sent 1 reminder about it.
  • A recurring event, in which case you are sent recurring reminders about this event, so that you never again forget an Anniversary, a Birth Day, etc..
FAQ : Adverteising
For Advertising related FAQ please Click here