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Free Advertising Program
Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network, toward our collective goal of creating an ecosystem that delivers much lower cost of Advertising to Small businesses, does something quite unique: we give you Free Advertising, based on you supporting the Small businesses that Advertise here on Anoox and being an active Member of Anoox Social network by linking to your Anoox Book with your Anoox button.
How does this work?
  • The Free Advertising that you can get is measured by Anoox credits you earn
  • You earn Anoox credits by simply supporting small businesses that Advertise here on Anoox and by clicks on your Anoox button on your Site
  • Once you have Minimum Anoox credits, you can cash it out toward getting Paid Advertising for Free
See all the ways you can learn Anoox credits
Full Terms of this program which you must 100% agree with and abide by, to partake in this program
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