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Overview of Anoox Answers & Discussions programs

Via Anoox Answers & Discussions you can arrive at the best Answers, because you get the answers from real people. Since as many studies have shown, when it comes to complex issues, the best answers almost always come from "Crowd Wisdom", rather than Machines or other sources. Moreover, when you post a Public Question or Discussion on Anoox you stand to get more Free traffic to your Site & connect with new Opportunities, based on how engaging and popular it becomes.

How does it work?

1 Ask a Question or Start a Discussion for Free, for Public or Private display.
2 If your Question or Discussion is of Public interest and you have marked it as type Public, we will then post your Question or Discussion pubicly and will inform a few Hundred Anoox members that are interested in this Subject - (*).
3 Then watch the Answers come in and reply promptly toward getting the best Answers to your Questions or having a lively Discussion.

How do I get more Free Traffic & connect with new Opportunities by posting Questions/Discussions?

When you post a good Question or Discussion that becomes Popular, your Question/Discussion page can get 100s and even 1000s of Page-views over time. In fact we have many Questions/Discussions that have gotten more than 10,000 Page-views and more than 100 Answers. And all these People visiting your Question or Discussion, can then click on your nick_name which will then take them to your Profile page, where you can list the URL of your Site and describe what Opportunities you are looking for and/or offering. Thus sending your Site much Free Traffic & connecting you with new Opportunities, based on having posted a Question or Discussion that the Public finds of value and interest.
What makes a Good Question/Discussion and thus becomes Popular?

1 Be a Giver not a Taker. This is Most important - Make sure that you have posted and are posting Answers to other members Questions or Discussions. A good rule of thumb is that you have posted at least 10 Answers to other members Questions for each Question that you post. And you have thus Friended many by Answering their Questions or joining their Discussions. Because your Friends list will then be informed when you post a Question or start a Discussion. And they are then more likely to inform their Friends of your Question/Discussion, which can make your Question/Discussion go even Bigger.
2 Inform your Friends . When you post a Question or Discussion, we will email a few Hundred Anoox members that are interested in the subject of your Question or Discussion. But you can make your Question more Popular, and many times ignite a fire under its popularity flame, by informing your Friends and contact list of your Question posted on Anoox Answers. You will also be able to embed your Anoox Question/Discussion into your Website, or Facebook, etc. pages, via an iFrame code that will be in the email we send you that your Question or Discussion has been posted.
3 Be genuine & engaged. Be genuinely interested in the Questions or Discussions that you are posting and be prepared to engage the Answers given with prompt replies, in back and forth debates, toward arriving at the best Answers and toward having Questions or Discussions that Go Big.
4 If you are in agreement with the Answer given, then at least reply with a "Thank you" message.
5 If your Questions or Discussions can be best described and appreciated with Photos, make sure to include high quality photos with them. After all, the old saying that: "A picture is worth a 1000 Words" is indeed true.
6 If your Questions or Discussions is specific to a Geographic location, then make sure to mark it as Targeted to your specific Geographic location.
7 NEVER EVER SPAM: And last but not least, never SPAM. If your Question or Discussion is for the Public interest, then and only then post it for Public display.

OTOH, if your Question or Discussion is for the benefit of your Web site and Business, and specially if you want to include the URL of your Site in it, then please Submit it either as a Paid Question via Review My Site if you want us to email Anoox members about it, or mark it as Private where we will notify no Anoox members about it but you will still be able to inform your Friends about it and/or embed it into your Site via the iFrame code we send you.