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You can earn Anoox Credits which you can then Cash out toward getting Paid Advertising for Free via Steps listed below.
1 Each click on your Anoox button placed on your Site 2 Credits
2 Each member that joins Anoox via your Anoox button placed on your Site 8 Credits
3 Each Advertiser Ad you click on and resulting site visit for at least 2 Minutes - Rules
You must genuinely be interested in the Ad that you click on and view the resulting Web Site for minimum of 2 Minutes for the Credit for clicking on the Ad to be credited to your account.
1 Credit
4 Each Advertiser you make a purchase from - Rules
After clicking on an Advertiser Ad, if you happen to make a purchase from that small business, then just ask that business to notify us that you as an Anoox member have made a purchase from them. Only thing you need to provide them is your Anoox Social Networking ID. Advertiser will then notify us via a related page on their Advertising account dashboard that you have made a purchase from them, after which we will credit your account for 50 Credits.

Limit one such Credit per Advertiser. So if you happen to buy from a given Advertiser you meet on Anoox 5 times, the Anoox Credits you can earn is for the 1st such purchase.

NOTE: Typical small business Advertising on Anoox will be happy to oblige with your request, since a typical merchant appreciates to find out that their Advertising is working and they are being supported by members of this network. Also an Advertiser can Opt out of this program, so you do not need to worry that you are imposing on them.

50 Credits
5 Each Announcement emailed to you that you click on and visit related link 1 Credit
Your Anoox Credits needs to have Minimum of $5 before you can cash it out to get Paid Advertising for Free.
You can Cash out up to $25 of your Anoox Credits at a time.
Whereas your Anoox Points display to other members to tell them how Trustworthy you are, your Anoox Credits display to you only.