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You can earn Anoox Credits which you can then Cash out toward getting Paid Advertising for Free via Steps listed below.
Each Advertiser Ad that you click on and resulting site visit for at least 2 Minutes
1 Credit
Each Advertiser that you make a purchase from (once per Advertiser)
50 Credits
Each click on your Anoox Social Network button placed on your Web site
2 Credit
Each Announcement email that you click on and resulting site visit for minimum 2 Minutes
1 Credit
Each member that joins Anoox via your Anoox button placed on your Site
8 Credit
Each Pitch or Partner-Up Announcement emailed to you that you post a reply to or join
1 Credit
  1. You can Cash out up to $25 of your Anoox Credits at a time.
  2. Whereas your Anoox Points display to other members to tell them how Trustworthy you are, your Anoox Credits display to you only.