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User Guide for My-2nd-Brain Note Service
Key points about the service:
  1. Once you log into your My-2nd-Brain account, you will instantly be at the My-2nd-Brain dashboard, where you can type to take new Notes and instantly see any matching Notes.
  2. As you start typing the service continuously via a Smart Search as you Type engine checks your current Notes for any matching Notes.
  3. The matching Notes then Auto display under the Matching Notes section, to the right of Note taking section.
  4. Matching Notes displayed under Matching Notes section will each have series of icons that you can hold your Mouse over for details & actions.
  5. Of course, the Search as you Type will not be running when you 1st start typing since you will have Zero Notes at that point. It will Auto run after you have posted your 1st Note.
  6. The Search as you Type will Auto run after each 3 to 5 Characters that you type.
  7. The Search as you Type will stop Auto running if it does not believe that it can fetch any new Notes..
  8. The real power and value of My-2nd-Brain Note Service will become clear to you once you have many Notes taken.
  9. Your Notes by default are saved in the Folder General. You can have all your Notes saved in this Folder, and let the Smart Search as you Type organize your data for you.
  10. You can click on icon and create new Folders and save your Notes to separate Folders for more organization.
  11. You can take simple Notes, or you can click on any of the Option buttons to add optional data to your Notes.
  12. You Update your Notes, by clicking on the button that will display on your Notes button list once it is fetched.

Note Taking Options:

Search Control Options: