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The non-profit collective search engine & social network - Est 2004

Anoox is driven by these core principals

For a better World SAVE Billions for Main Street rather than be a Billionaire on Wall Street

In case of complex Questions, best Answers come from Crowd Wisdom (aka People) not Machines

Be an Enabler rather than a Decider

Be a network where by paying it forward we help each other

Be Totally Transparent

Do one thing at a time, with supreme excellence

Enable Small Businesses to connect online, for Free by Sharing & Discussing or for little cost by buying Advertising

Simplify: Create best experiences by cutting all distractions and enable Members to quickly get to the point

Do you share in our Core principals?

Are you tired of Big Wall Street Media telling you that your only choice for knowing and connecting are Big Wall Street Media outlets of Google™, Facebook™, Twitter™, etc., so that Wall Street can have ever greater control over what you think and buy?

Then Get Involved with Anoox Non-profit Non-Wall Street based Network and lets put the Power and Value generation of the Internet (aka People connected) back into People.