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Are you a High impact investor?
Are you looking for an investment that allows you to make the World a better place?
Are you highly interested in Search engine the Gateway to what People know and buy?
Are you highly interested in Social media platforms that allow People to form worldwide communities?
Are you highly interested in Social networks that allow for more efficient e-commerce?

Do you want to invest in a Company that allows you to make a social impact while achieving ROI, not in the 10s, but in the 1000s!

Then you are at the right place. For you can invest in Anoox non-profit, as well as invest to launch a for-profit version of Anoox. Of course as long as the for-profit version of Anoox in no way reduces from the missions of Anoox non-profit. For more information about the incredible investment opportunity that Anoox non-profit or the for profit version of Anoox offers: please conatct us to invest in Anoox non-profit or contact us to invest to launch the for-profit version of Anoox.

Not an investors, but you want to bring us in contact with the right people?
Then please contact us as well since we will have an excellent reward for you if via your reference we do close on an investment deal.