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Help Spread the Word about Anoox Network - Help Grow yourself on Main Street
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With your Help to Spread Anoox we can grow even faster for your ULTIMATE benefit of having this one of a kind non-profit Search engine & Social network Collective that puts your interest on Main Street ABOVE profits & share prices on Wall Street
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Inform how Anoox Social network enables us to Make IMPACT
Inform your Friends how Anoox Social network enables Us to meet New Friends & Clients by simply sharing what We know and like - Details. How it enables Us to address the spread of fake news and hate messages, while preserving freedom of expression; without fear of being Censored - Details
Explain why having Search engine Choice is Vital
Because Choice is good. Choice is healthy. Choice makes LIFE Better. Explain to your Friends & Colleagues how Anoox is the Collective Search engine. Where results are ranked based on Crowd Wisdom. So Anoox beside giving us Choice in regard to all Important Search engine also gives us a Search engine where results are
generated - details
Reveal how Big guys Track you and not Anoox
Reveal to your Friends that when you Search with Google™, or send emails via Google (Gmail™), or read or reply to a post on Facebook™, they Track all your activities so that then Creepy Ads follow you around, to influence what you think and buy, but not with Anoox - details
Advise how Advertising on Anoox can SAVE Big
Advise your Small business friends how Anoox offers them the only effective low cost Advertising, SAVING them Whopping 50 to 95%+ compared to Big Wall Street Media (Google™, Facebook™, etc.) because Anoox is the only non-profit Search engine & Social network - details
Enlighten HOW Special this is
Enlighten friends, colleagues, your local Press, your Government, about WHY we need a non-profit Search engine & Social network, so that we can put interest of People and Small businesses on Main Street ahead of Profit & Share prices on Wall Street. And HOW after TEN Years of development Anoox is the only such network - details
Equipped with above knowledge, and by informing your friends, co-workers, Social Media contacts and your Local Press, you can Help Spread Anoox and Help with our Collective Goal : Help Grow Together
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