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Discussion By World_Traveler
Viewed: 470,399
8 months 3 weeks ago
8 months 3 weeks ago
What does Google, Facebook, Twitter censor of Video by Doctors on Covid-19 tell US?
Search Engine, Scams & Frauds, Politics USA
A few days back, a group of Board Certified Doctors spoke in Washington DC about Covid-19. With the head of this group being a Doctor Simone Gold (1) whom is a board certified emergency physician, as well a Lawyer graduated from Stanford University. Which makes her one of the most educated and learned people.

Now let me state up front that I am not saying that these Doctors are right or wrong, that is up to you to decide. But in general they suggested that cures for Covid-19 do exist, which we can see ourselves to be the case with full and quick recovery of Tom Hank (2), Boris Johnson (3), etc. from Covid-19. And that we are being lead, or misleads, by Fear-Mongering pouring out of Big Media. And they also stated the fact that the Government shutdowns of the economy and other draconian steps such as mandating wearing Face Masks are killing many more People due to loss of Jobs, loss of businesses, loss of joy of life, homelessness, etc., which facts we can see by the record number of Suicides (4), record number of Gun violence in US cities (5), etc..

But Big Wall Street based Social Media of Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. they took this Video down right away!

Why! Why remove Video by a group of Board certified Doctors commenting on their field of work which is Healthcare, when Covid-19 is a Healthcare issue. If they had removed a Video by an evangelist preacher commenting on Covid-19 Healthcare issue, that would be understandable. If they had removed a Video by News Pundits on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. commenting on Covid-19 Healthcare issue, that would be understandable. But censoring a group of Board certified Doctors commenting about a healthcare matter, which is their domain of expertise, is beyond atrocious. It makes one wonder what else are they censoring!

And lets state the fact that these same Big Wall Street based Search engine & Social Media who are Censoring any discussion about Covid-19 which goes against the Fear-Mongering about Covid-19, have been getting fabulously richer from these Covid-19 related fear-mongering and shutdowns as you can see from the list of Reference Materials (7) (8) (9).

So I am posting this Video here by these group of Board Certified Doctors, so you can judge for yourself and let the World know what you think?

P.S., I have to thanks Anoox as the only non-profit Social network to allow US to post this Video for view and discussion. Because if it was not for Anoox, and we were left at the mercy of Big Social Media, you would not be seeing this Video. For sake of full disclosure, I had to make a donation to Anoox to allow me to upload such large Video, which is just fine, since as a donation supported non-profit Search engine & Social network it needs our donations to operate for our benefit.

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