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Anoox is the only non-profit Social Search Network, in particular one with Millions of Members and Users[1]. And very likely there will never be another non-profit Social Search Network like Anoox. There is a very good reason for this: because it takes Tons of Capital to develop an integrated Search Engine & Social Network, and no VC Wall Street investor would want to make such investment of Capital and then see it operate as a not-for-profit for the benefit of People & Small Businesses on Main Street rather than operate on for-Profit basis for the benefit of VC & Wall Street investors on Wall Street. That is why it took us 10+ Years and Tons of sweat equity Capital by volunteers from around the World to develop this network. Although we would LOVE to see many more non-profit Social Search Networks like Anoox, since the MORE C h o i c es, the BETTER - More.

Analogy: we are striving to do for Search engine & Social Network, what Linux™ did for OS and what MySQL™ did for Database, which is to pass Billions in SAVINGS to Small Businesses World Wide. But of course a Search engine & Social Network is not just Software to make it Open Source and that will be it in delivering great VALUE & SAVINGS. But these are Services where the value is in the Size of the network and running this massive network in a flawless way under the load of Millions of concurrent users, daily attacks by hackers and all the other challenges that comes with running such a massive LIVE network.

It took 10 years of development to make Anoox possible

Anoox means passing Billions in SAVINGS to Main Street rather making Billions for Wall Street

Anoox is to Search engine & Social Media what Linux™ is to Operating System
[1] As of Jan/01/2016, which is the last time we checked, there was NO not-for-profit Social Search Network in operation beside Anoox.

NOTE: as per our ultimate goal of fostering Information Democracy & Lowest cost Advertising, Anoox Social Search Network source code is available for any organization that wants to provide a localized version of Anoox in their local country. If your organization has the necessary Funding, Server & Technology resources, contact us to become an Anoox operator in your Country.