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Google Manipulates its Search Results - Why we need CHOICE
If you are a well informed person, you already know that Google™ is an effective Monopoly. But what you may not know, due to well Google's control over what you do Know is that Google is manipulating its search results, when it wants to, and that this can have devastating effects on what People (you) Know, Think & Buy. And how Google has been undermining and trying to Kill Anoox, your only non-profit Choice for a Search engine alternative to Google. The purpose of this document is shed light on these facts and Urge you to get Involved, if you want to continue to have the amazing Choice that Anoox affords you.
Proof Of how Google manipulates its search results as provided by others
Why Google has been manipulating its search results regarding Anoox
You can add to these lists of proofs, how Google has been manipulating its search results regarding Anoox non-profit Search Engine & Social Network. Why? Because Anoox represents 3 things that Google and its Wall Street Pals fear:
  • Anoox means giving People Choice in regard to ALL important Search Engine, the Gateway to what People Know and Buy - More & Choice makes Life better
  • Anoox means much lower cost of Advertising for Small Businesses, which can mean lower Sales, Profits and Share prices for Google & Big Wall Street Media - More
  • Anoox means empowering Progressive ideas, given that Anoox is the Collective Search Engine and Social Network that puts People over Profits and we give 100% our Profits away - More
Proof 1: Google does not list Anoox under search for "non-profit Search Engine"
Search for "non profit Search Engine", or "not for profit Search engine" on Google, and even though Anoox is the only non profit search engine in the World, not does Anoox not show up on Top of Google results, Anoox does not even show up on 1st, 2nd or 3rd page of Google results! Now search for same words via other major search engines in the World, from Yandex in Russia to Naver in South Korea, etc., and Anoox shows up on Top of their search results on all of them. Which of course would be the case if the search engine was not manipulating its search results, given the fact that Anoox is the only non profit search engine in the World and hence any search engine worth a dime would Index something that is the only of its kind in the World to the Top of it search results unless it was by design taking steps to manipulate it's such results. Below are related Screen Shots:






Proof 2: Search for "Anoox" on Google lists "Anoox is a SCAM company" on Top
And it gets WORSE: Search for "Anoox" under Google and astonishingly you will get on top of Google results that: "Anoox is a SCAM company", which is a posting on a Free Blog by an Anonymous unhappy Anoox Advertiser, repeat an Anonymous person, from 2012, repeat from 2012! Of course this negative listing on Google when searching for "Anoox" is not there by natural search results of Google, but it is there based on extreme prejudice of Google, by manipulating its search results, to negatively impact, and preferably kill, Anoox your only Choice for a non profit Search Engine. Now one would normally ignore such obvious slander, but since this slander is placed by Google on top of its search results for "Anoox", and since most people trust Google for their knowledge base, more than they trust info from their parents, wives, husbands, children, Governments, etc.; a trust that is completely unwarranted, for a list of reasons why this is a slanderous search manipulation click here
  • First, Anoox sale of Advertising comes with 14 days Satisfaction GUARANTEE or your Money Back. Something that Google or Facebook do not offer, as you can see here
  • Second, we are a non-profit Search Engine & Social network, to offer Choice in regard to all important Search engine & Social network, plus lowest cost Advertising to Small businesses. So we understand that as a small non-profit organization we may not be able to make every small business Happy with our Advertising offering. And that is why we have the unique Advertising Satisfaction GUARANTEE, so that an Advertiser can be assured that we only want them to be an Advertiser with us if they are Happy with their Advertising results
  • If a single complain on a Free Blog about Anoox from 2012 results in one Unhappy Anoox Advertiser, whom never contacted us to get a refund, being listed being under Google search for "Anoox" on Top of Google results, then similarly complains about Google should result in these complains being listed under Google search for "Google" on Top of Google result. But this is not the case when searching for "Google" on Google, even though there are Millions, repeat Millions, of postings online saying Google Advertising is a SCAM and rip-off, a sampling of which you can see here
  • If a single complain on a free Blog about Anoox from 2012 results in this listing being under Google search for "Anoox" on Top of Google results, then surely searching for "Google" should result in countless articles about European Union, after a Seven year investigation, having declared Google to be a SCAM company as per the record Multi-Billion Dollar fines that EU has levied on Google for manipulating its results and other nefarious actions. But No it does not. A list which you can read here
  • 99% of what Anoox offers are Free services, and 99.9999% of our Free Users love Anoox, and consider us to be one of the best Sites and Services on the Internet. So a search for "Anoox" on Google should for sure result in listing of our many Free services and some of the many Happy users. But NO, you see no such listings on Top of the Google search results for "Anoox"! So searching for "Anoox" on Google does not result in listing of the awesome Social network that we offer, a Social network that has enabled many to get the Truth out. The AI based My 2nd Brain that we offer, which enables People to remember Everything, to be more Organized & more Productive. The cool Chat services that we offer that enables People to instantly & securely Chat World Wide in their own private Chat room. etc. etc.
  • If a single complain about Anoox Advertising from 2012 appears under Google search results for "Anoox" on Top of the Google results, and NONE of the good listings about Anoox about all the Good that we have done, and are doing, from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, .... 2024; then either Google search results are extremely outdated and not regularly Updated, which is of course not the case, or Google based on extreme prejudice has been manipulating its search results, to negatively impact, and preferably kill Anoox
What will you do without Choice when Google (Monopoly) Targets you?
The above cases of Google manipulating its search results, should drive in for you this question: what will we do when and if Google targets our business, our political cause, our Country, etc.?

What will you do?

  • Contact the European Union and hope that, after a 7 Year research, they will hit Google with another $2.7 billion fine for "manipulating its search results"?
  • Hope that People will by some osmosis find out about your Site even though it is being targeted by Google?
  • Or wish there would be Choice for people to search and hence find your Site free of Google manipulating your Site listings?
Of the above 3 possibilities, the only viable one is the 3rd one, that is for the People to have Choice in regard to all important search engine. This truly life saving, business saving, freedom saving, is what Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network offers you, offers the World. But as a non-profit Search engine & Social network, we need your Support to continue to do what we are doing, to offer People Choice, so Get Involved.

And if you are not going to get involved with Anoox, for goodness sake, for the sake of having Choice, which is essential for having a better and healthier life, contact your Government, contact European Union, etc. and implore them to invest in offering Choice when it comes to Search engine which is the Gateway to what People Know & Buy. Because the only effective way that monopolies can be stopped from abusing their monopoly powers is to take those Monopoly powers away by the only real way that such Monopoly powers can be taken away, which is to give people Choice.