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You already know that Google is an effective Monopoly. But what you probably dont know, due to well Google's control over what you Know is that Google is manipulating its search results, when it wants to, you can have the proof of this by: You can add to these lists of proofs, how Google has been manipulating its search results regarding Anoox non-profit Search Engine. Why? Because Anoox non-profit Search Engine represents 3 things that Google and its Wall Street Pals fear:
  1. Anoox means having C h o i c e in regard to ALL important Search Engine, the Gateway to what People Know and Buy; since Anoox is the Collective Search Engine
  2. Anoox means much lower cost of Advertising for Small Businesses since we are non-profit, which can mean much lower Profits and Share prices for Google and Big Media on Wall Street
  3. Anoox means empowering and unleashing Progressive ideas given that Anoox is the Collective Search Engine and Social Network that puts People over Profits
Proof 1: Google does not list Anoox under search for "non-profit Search Engine"
Search for "non-profit Search Engine" on Google, and something amazing happens, Anoox does not show up in the Top of the search results, even though Anoox is the only non profit search engine in the World. Now search for "non-profit Search Engine", via other search engines whom do not get their search results from Google, such as Bing, Yandex, AOL, DuckDuckGo, etc.. and Anoox shows up on the Top of their search results, which of course would be the case if the search engine had marginal resources, set aside one as resource Rich as Google, given the fact that Anoox is the only non profit search engine in the World. Here are related Screen Shots:





Proof 2: Search for "Anoox" on Google lists "Anoox is a SCAM company" on Top
Search for "Anoox" under Google and astonishingly you will get on top of the Google search results that: "Anoox is a SCAM company", which is a posting on a Free Blog, repeat on a Free Blog, by an Anonymous unhappy Anoox Advertiser from 2012! Of course this negative listing on Google when searching for "Anoox" is not there by natural search results of Google, but it is there based on extreme prejudice of Google to negatively impact, and preferably kill, Anoox non-profit Search Engine. Here are some proofs regarding this:
  • First and foremost, Anoox sale of Advertising comes with 14 days Satisfaction GUARANTEE or your Money Back, so any Advertiser not happy with Anoox Advertising, can simply ask for their Money Back. On that note, Google does not offer Satisfaction GUARANTEE or your Money Back, as their sale of Advertising is final and non-refundable.

  • If a single complain on a Free Blog about Anoox from 2012 results in this listing being under Google search for "Anoox", then similarly a single complain on Free Blogs about Google should result in this complain being listed under Google search for "Google", but of course it does not even though there are countless postings online saying "Google is a SCAM company".

  • 99.99% of what Anoox offers are Free services, and 99.99% of our Free Users love Anoox, and consider us to be one of the best Sites and Services on the Internet. So a search for "Anoox" on Google should result in listing of our many Free services and many Happy users, but NO, you see no such listings.

  • If a single unhappy customer posting about Anoox on a Free Blog would result in this listing being under search results for "Anoox", then a search for Wall Street pals of Google, such as "United Healthcare", "Goldman Sachs", etc. should result in Millions of negative listings about them under their Google search results given that they have Millions of unhappy customers, but NO, that is not the case.

  • Given the fact that Google is listing on Top of search results for "Anoox", an unhappy customer from 2012, this could be explained by Google search results being absolutely outdated that it is listing a listing from way back in 2012 under the search for "Anoox", this of course is not the case since as you know given the enormous resources of Google, its search results are extremely up to date.