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Our Advertising Satisfaction GUARANTEE
When you are Happy, we are Happy
If within 14 days of opening your Anoox Advertising account, you are not 100% Happy with Advertising results you are getting, just let us know and we will gladly refund you in FULL and close your Advertising account - NO questions asked [1]
Why do we make you such a generous Advertising Satisfaction GUARANTEE
As the only non-profit search engine & social network in the World, we are doing our level best to deliver the most effective and lowest cost Advertising to small businesses. But we understand that as a small non-profit organization we may not be able to make every small business Happy with our Advertising offering. And that is why we are making you this unique Advertising Satisfaction GUARANTEE, so that you can be assured that we only want you to be an Advertiser with us if you are Happy with your Advertising results.
If there are any issues, we want to hear from you
Now if there are any problems with your Anoox Advertising results, you can also let us know of these problems and allow us to address them. You can be sure that as a non-profit Search engine & Social network, we will do our best that is Humanly possible to address these problems to your satisfaction. And if we cannot address them to your satisfaction, we will let you know and then should you still want to cancel your account we will gladly do so and refund you in full. Bottom line, we want you to be an Anoox Advertiser only if you are Happy with the results you are getting.
If you LOVE your Advertising results - tell others
OTOH, when you are Happy with your Anoox Advertising results, as 95% of small businesses that Advertise with us are, then we ask you that please tell others about your Anoox Advertising experience, since we are a Collective where word of mouth and recommendations are very important part of our ecosystem.
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