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Volunteer - Help make the World a better place by empowering Main Street over Wall Street

Anoox is composed of a group of developers from around the World, working on full time & volunteer basis. We are always looking for new highly talented people whom are interested to work on volunteer basis to start with. So if you would like to Volunteer to help out Anoox in our efforts to create a better Internet, one that benefits the most across the World rather than a few Mega Corporations in Silicon Valley & Wall Street, then you are welcome to apply as a Volunteer.

  • Imagine how much good we can do, by delivering information and News that is TRUTH based, free of Big corporate and Big Media biases, because it is Powered by the Crowd Wisdom.

  • Imagine how much good we can do, by cutting the Advertising cost of small businesses from $10,000 per month down to $500 per month? That is $9,500 in SAVINGS that they can invest in hiring new people, in renting a larger space, in taking longer vacations, in spending more time with their Family, etc. investment in their local community, rather than send this money to some Billionaire Yahoos in Silicon Valley & Wall Street, who are already oogeling in Billions. So by SAVING small businesses 50 to 90% on their cost of Advertising, we are talking about doing some serious good for countless number of businesses and people on the Main Street.
Well here at Anoox we are making the above "Imagines" happen everyday, with your help we can make them happen even more.

Volunteer opportunities exist in the following areas

  • Software development: PHP, MySQL, Java, JSP
  • Server Admin: Linux, Apache, Qmail, Postfix
  • Web development: HTML, Grafix design, CSS
  • Marketing & Sales

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