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Partner with Anoox

As a not-profit-driven Social Search Engine, the potential value that we can bring to People and Small Businesses is quite enormous, which fact should be evident as per the number of Members that we already have and Traffic that we already get, even with our current extremely limited resources as a self-funded small business.

So after 10 years of designing, coding, testing and fending of hackers, etc., we have demonstrated that we have the IP and the know-how to become one of the Top Internet destinations, one of the Top 20 destinations we believe is within reach, if we are properly funded or given the server and manpower resources necessary to realize the full potential of the value that we can deliver.

Hence we represent clear and compelling value for Partners whom want to help us to go from our current position as the top 15K* most visited Site in the World to the Top 20 most visited Site in the World, based on the premises that:

1- Best Answers come from Crowd Wisdom.
2- Having real Choices in regard to Search Engine & Social Networking, is a very good thing, for the World and for Democratic values.

If you agree, we invite you to contact us to Partner with us in one of the following ways:

  • As a Government Organization, such as ECB, that is looking to fund the development of alternative search egines to Google monoploy over search

  • As an Investment Group with ability to put Social causes ahead of Profits and Share prices on Wall Street.

  • As a Corporation who wants to see her name behind one of the Top 20 most visited Sites in the World.

  • As a Computer Science Department of a University who wants her PhD or MSc students working on R&S on such Economically and Socially significant areas as Search Engine & Social Network.

* According to Alexa as of Jan/10/2016