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Limits on how much a business can spend on Advertising Creates level playing field
Anoox non-profit Social Search Network, in keeping with our mission of putting People over Profits ("POP"), does something quite unique when it comes to sale of Advertising. That is we create a "level playing field" for Small Businesses, by putting Limits on how much any business can spend on Advertising per Month, to Maximum of $1000 per Month.

There is a very good reason for this: because Small Businesses with small Advertising budgets, and often with $50 to $500 per Month in Advertising budget, cannot possibly compete with Big Businesses with Multi-Million Dollar Advertising budgets on the cost of Advertising. So were we to accept Big business Advertising, as our Wall Street peers do, then Small Businesses would continuously be on a disadvantage for getting high ranking for their Ads for a given Keyword compared to Big Businesses, which is what the situation is for Small Businesses when Advertising on Google™, Facebook™, etc., as you can see here, with (for example) the highest PPC charges on Google for "Web Site Hosting" being $55 per click, which PPC charges of course only Big (Wall Street) Firms can afford, whereas the same Keyword on Anoox non-profit Social Search Network has the maximum PPC price of about $1.50 which is more than 90% less than what Google charges for this same Keywords, exactly because we do not accept large Advertising budgets, so NO Big Businesses can come and bid the price of any Keyword Ads to levels where only other Big Businesses can pay such per-click charges since that would quickly end their Advertising for the Month.