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Who should Buy Advertising on Anoox non-profit Social Search
Who should not

It goes without saying that Advertising on Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network offers incredible value and savings for typical small business. But Advertising on Anoox network is not suitable for all businesses. This is due to the fact we are a small non-profit mainly Volunteer based organization, dedicated to mission of fostering Information Democracy and delivering much lower cost of Advertising to small businesses, so both our mission and our size makes Anoox Advertising not suitable for certain businesses. So before applying to open your Anoox Advertising account, please click on Tabs below to make sure Advertising on Anoox network is suitable for your small business. Thank you.
Who Should Buy Advertising on Anoox
You want Advertising that SAVES you 50 to 90% in cost of Advertising compared to Google™ and Big Wall Street Media
You are fine with a Self-managed Advertising account which is how Anoox Advertising works
You appreciate the fact that Anoox is a non-profit Search engine & Social network, working with very limited resources, and as such puts most of its resources into developing and operating this MASSIVE network, for ultimate benefit of small businesses, so that among all other goods that we do is you having much lower cost of Advertising, and hence you are fine managing your account yourself and expect minimum support from us
You appreciate the fact that for your convenience, all Advertising accounts open with Auto-Rebill ON, which you can Turn Off as you like - How Anoox Advertising Works
You understand that "Good things take time", so will give your Anoox Advertising time to deliver the results that you want
Who Should NOT Buy Advertising on Anoox
You are a Big business to whom cost of Advertising is not an issue but instead you want VIP customer service, plush office spaces to meet at, etc.
You are a small business owner but you are not fine with a self-managed Advertising account and instead need and expect lots of hand holding
When you need support you expect a reply right away
You want instant gratification, instant results from your Anoox Advertising
An Analogy
An Analogy will perhaps best describe who Anoox Advertising is suitable for and not.

Say you want to stay in London, center city. You can either stay in Wall Street based Hotels such as Hilton™, Hyatt™, etc. at $695 per Night with 24/7 room service, concierge services, access to in ground pool, chauffeur driven limo, etc. luxuries. Or you can stay in a Modern boutique Hotel run by a small business where you can stay in a clean modern room for $69 per Night, but this room will not have 24/7 room service, concierge service, chauffeur driven limo, etc. services, but it will be London Center city, it will be modern and clean and will be only $69 per Night, saving you 90% on cost of staying in center of London.

Similarly, if effective low cost Advertising is what you want, where you will save 90% on cost of Advertising, compared to Big Wall Street Media (Google™, etc.) Advertising, via a self-managed, light, yet effective modern Advertising system, then Anoox Advertising is what you want.

If after reading above facts about Anoox Advertising, you are in doubt, GO ahead and open your Advertising account, knowing that our Advertising also comes with Satisfaction GUARANTEE, so you can Try Advertising on Anoox Search engine & Social network Risk FREE.
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