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How does Advertising on Anoox Social Search Network Work? Easy & Effective

Overview Adding/Editing Ads Price & Billing Traffic Reporting
Advertising on Anoox Social Search Network is very Easy & Effective, with you deciding how much you spend on Advertising on Pay-per-Click ("PPC") basis. Your Ads are then displayed based on Keywords you select, GEO area you want to Target and Topics of your Ads.
  1. You open your Advertising account by making an initial deposit into your account
  2. You set a Max Daily Budget, from as little as $1.5 per Day, which sets the Max amount you spend on Advertising per Month
  3. You upload your Ads (Text or Banner) and decide based on what Keywords, GEO and Topic they should display
  4. Your Ads display to People who are interested in what you are offering based on your selected Keywords, GEO and Topics
  5. Your Ads display unlimited number of times as you are only charged when People click on your Ads to arrive at your Site
  6. The PPC charges on your Ads are auto deducted from your account balance
  7. You self-manage your Advertising account, from adding new Ads, updating Ads, setting Ads Off-line, On-line, etc.
  8. Your Advertising account comes with a user friendly Dashboard so self-managing it is Easy
  9. You can view detailed reports of all displays and clicks on your Ads from your Advertising account Dashboard
  10. You can cancel your Advertising account anytime you want if you think this is not best value in Advertising for your Site - Bar NONE

In a nut-shell Advertising on Anoox Social Search Network is:
Easy, because you can have your Ads up in 5 Minutes and your account comes with a user friendly Dashboard
Effective, because your Ads are only shown to People already interested in your offering and we have Millions of engaged Members & Users
Lowest cost, because we are the only non-profit Social Search Network in the World dedicated to delivering lowest cost Advertising to small businesses