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We do not have Fair or Free Markets at all - We can do better
Contrary to what is said in Big Wall Street based Media, we do not have, not even remotely, Free = Fair Markets. This is due to the fact that Big Wall Street based businesses have access to just about any amount of Capital they want, from $100-Mill in Series-A to Billions in an IPO, to more Billions in secondary offerings post-IPO, and they do no have to pay a cent of this Capital back since it is issued to them in exchange for equity (aka Shares); whereas Small businesses, that is 99% of businesses, that are not Wall Street based have NO access to any such capital and instead their only access to capital is by borrowing against the equity in their Houses
To be exact typical Wall Street based businesses are funded in this way:
  • They get 100s of Million in VC funding: Series-A, Series-B, Series-C, Series-D, etc. [See Examples]
  • They get 100s of Millions and even Billions more from the IPO [See Examples]
  • They get 100s of Millions and even Billions more as they want from secondary offering of shares, or sale of convertible notes, or any number of financial instruments [See Examples]
  • And where times to get tough, such as Covid-19, they also get Billions from Government funding [ Example - Example ]
Meanwhile non-Wall Street based businesses, aka Small business, are funded in this way:
  • You borrow about $50K from your family freinds
  • You can borrow against the equity in your House, average $200K
  • If your business has sales, you can borrow against 50% of these sales, average of $50K
  • You can borrow at atrocious 17% interests rates via your Credit Card

To see the above facts: just go to Google™ and Search for: "How can I obtain funding for my Small business" - where the best answer will be something like this - Now try to follow any of these ways to actually raise Capital to see

The real World implications of this incredibly Unfair Markets are real and profound
So as a Small business, you are very lucky to raise $250K in total funding to launch a new business into operation, generally in form of loans, which means you have pay it back with high to very high interest rates. And if you do not you can lose your Home and/or have to file bankruptcy. Meanwhile Wall Street based connected (Big) businesses are funded with average of $2-Billion in form of cash for equity which means they do not have to pay back one cent of it

The result of these profoundly Unfair Markets, which have become worse with Covid-19 crisis, are Small businesses driven out of Business by the Millions, as you can see here:

  • Nearly half small-business owners fear coronavirus will close their operations by mid-2021, read
  • Small Businesses Vital to Economic Recovery are getting Hammered since Start of Covid-19, report finds
  • 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing since Start of Covid-19, report finds
  • Covid-19 crisis Is Crushing Small Businesses, report finds

While at same time Wall Street based Big businesses get Richer always with Wall Street hitting many record Highs during same Covid-19 crisis, as if we are in the Best of Times, a sampling of which facts you can see here:

  • 2020: A dismal economic year, unless you were on Wall Street, read
  • Amazon™ and other Big Wall Street based businesses won the pandemic at the expense of everyone else, read
  • US billionaires get richer during coronavirus pandemic, read
A real world example of how devastating this Unfair Markets are on People and dreams
To see how this profoundly unfair markets have devastating effects on real People and their dreams, on your Cities that you live in, lets look at a real example. Lets look at the example of Restaurant industry. Because each of us whether for our food sustenance or minimum entertainment depends on going to Restaurants in our Cities

During last 12 Months, thanks to Covid-19 Crisis, 10s of 1000s of Restaurants have closed and their owners seen their hard work and dreams destroyed, as you can see here:

  • Restaurant Closings Top 110,000, read
  • There have been 26,160 total restaurant closures, read
  • Small businesses are dying by the thousands, read

While at same time Wall Street based Chipotle Restaurant has seen it share price go from $500 per Share to $1500 per share (as of 1/21/2021). This means during the same time that 100,000+ Small business Restaurant have closed, which you can see walking down any street in your City, during the same time Wall Street based Chipotle Restaurant has become about $20-Billion Richer. With Chipotle opening and planning to open 100s more new locations. Why is that? Is it because Chipotle has some amazing AI based Mexican food, or Block-Chain Tacos or Crypto Salsa? etc. "Buzzword Du Jour" Wall Street uses to pump a stock up. NO. Is it because Chipotle has some amazing more delicious foods or healthier foods? NO. It is simply because due to extremely Unfair = UnFree Markets that we have, where whereas Small business Restaurants have access to little capital, Wall Street based Chipotle has literally access to Billions:

  • Chipotle got $360 million in VC funding from Wall Street based McDonald [details]
  • Chipotle got $173 million from its IPO [details]
  • Chipotle can just pick up the phone and call its Investment Banker to sell more shares [example]
Think about it: Wall Street based Restaurants such as Chipotle can pick up the phone and call their Investment Bankers to sell 1-Million shares, 2-Million shares, etc. and Voila minting Billions of Dollars in new capital, not a Cent of which they have to pay pack, to pay any expenses and grow and crush their Small business competition. Meanwhile Small business restaurants access to capital is to borrow a relatively paltry $200K at high interest rates, generally against equity in their Home

And this example of Restaurant industry, this example of how profundly unfair markets we have are repeated in industry after industry

How can we bring some fairness to these incredibly Unfair Markets?
  • Operate Search engine & Social networks, aka Media companies, that limit Big business Advertising so as to create "level playing field" - what Anoox is doing - but as a non-profit we need Help to do this [Donate - Sponsor]
  • Contact your Government representatives and tell them that current Utterly Unfair Markets are unacceptable and you demand Real Change
  • Support Small businesses rather than buy from Wall Street based Big businesses. So for example rather than going to McDonald™ Chipotle™ etc. go to your local Restaurants, rather than buying from Amazon™ go to your local retailer, rather than hosting with AWS™ host with a small business hosting provider, rather than socializing via Facebook™ Twitter™ Instagram™ socialize via a Small business Social network such as Anoox - this you can do for sure
  • Provide a funding mechanism where Small businesses and Start-Ups with NO Wall Street connections can get funded fairly from $50K to $1.5Mill - This Revolution in Funding We are Working On

But above all you on Main Street need to realize the above facts and Get Involved, either with Anoox, or any other organization that you want which is actually taking real steps and not fake steps to address the Utterly Unfair=Unfree Markets that we currently have. Because only by doing so, can we truly hope for a better future and not the repeat of same old where Wall Street connected get Richer while everyone else is getting Crushed. And one thing you can do which takes little effort is to share this page with your Friends, Family & Co-workers and urge them to become aware of these facts and Get Involved as they can

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