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We SAVE you at least 50% on cost of Advertising compared to Google™ Or your Money Back

Buy Advertising on Anoox non-profit Social Search with Confidence, knowing that we will SAVE you at least 50% on cost of Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising compared to Big Wall Street run firms of Google™, Facebook™, Twitter™, etc. - We GUARANTEE this!

A GUARANTEE we can give you because as the ONLY non-profit Social Search Network, we place delivering lower cost Advertising to Small businesses on Main Street, above any profit or share motivations on Wall Street and because we do not have extravagant expenses as our Wall Street peers have. And a GUARANTEE we can make, because this GUARANTEE goes along with our other GUARANTEE of not accepting Big Business Advertising and instead only accept up to $1000 per Month from any Advertiser, so as to create a "level Playing field" for Small Businesses - explained here.

So here is how this GUARANTEE works:

If within 30 days of opening your Anoox Advertising account, you find out that our Pay-per-Click charges for your Ads are not already at least 50% LESS than Pay-per-Click charges for same Ads on Google, then bring us the pay-per Click charges you are paying Google™, etc. for same Keyword Ads, and we will either CUT your pay-per-click Charges on Anoox for those Ads to be 50% LESS than Google™ or if we cannot then we will Refund your purchase.
Limitations of this Offer:
  1. This offer is only valid for up to $1000 per Month in Advertising buy
  2. This offer is only valid for Small Businesses