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Instant Messenger
for continuous free
connection & communication
Know when your contacts are online and available to meet
With 1 click send them Secure Text messages and start Text Chat
With 1 click start Video or Voice calls
100% Web based
No App or Software to download, install and continuously update
Insanely Great
Imagine you are a reporter in London with offices in Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Moscow and Milan and to stay on top of the news you want to have instant communication with your colleagues where with 1 click you can send each other secure messages and with 1 click have Voice & Video communication and with 1 click share photos and ellicit comments
This imaginary wonderful world becomes 100% real with the Instant Messenger of Anoox Social network. That is why
it changes everything
for better. That is why it is
insanely Great
because it provides you with endless opportunities to connect, create, save and grow
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Instant Messenger Key Features
Via the Instant Messenger you can connect with colleagues, family, friends and members you meet here that you have established a relationship with
Automatically via the Instant Messenger Tab or Dashboard know when people you are connected with are online and ready to meet
With 1 Click send them secure messages that they can read instantly if they are online or can read later if they are off-line or marked themselves as busy
Instantly go from sending messages to real time Text chat
Via the Text chat screen share URLs for effective co-browsing
With 1 Click on Video call button start Video calls
With 1 Click on Voice call button start Voice calls
With 1 Click on File Sharing button transfer to each other files of any size
All your Messaging, Text chats, Video calls & Voice calls are free* no matter where in the World you are located
Set recording of your Text messages and Text chats to be Off or On as you like
Set your Instant Messenger preferences such as "I am busy" or "Available", Audio notify me or not when my contacts are online, etc. via click on
Manage (add, approve, cancel, etc.) your Instant Messenger contacts easily via the "Manage My Instant Messenger Contacts" page
Via a URL post share any of your other content from your Anoox discussions, photos, Polls, etc. or from any of your other Social media accounts
Plus many other useful features such as you can see via an animation when another party you are in meeting with is typing back to you in real-time
Best of all Anoox Instant Messenger is Free* like all our other Social networking services used by our Millions of members as it is Advertising Supported
How does Instant Messenger work?
3 Simple Steps to Use
Log into your Anoox account
Log into your Anoox account and from your Instant Messenger dashboard add & manage contacts and see which contacts are Online ready to meet
Click and Start Communication
Click on the name of the contact you want to communicate with and send them secure text messages and if they respond have instant Text chat with them
Click to Start Video calls
From the Instant Messenger Text chat window click on the start Video call and if they accept then have instant Video meetings
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Instant Messenger is another service, another part of, your Anoox Social networking account. So while you are using the Instant Messenger to connect and communicate World Wide you can use other parts of your Anoox Social networking account from sharing and discussing Today's issues or issues you care about and get free traffic when people like your posts and/or answers, to using Web based Video chat for instant World Wide Video meetings, to using My-2nd-brain note taking system to remember everything at your finger tip, to sharing Photos, taking Polls, etc.
Instant Messenger is such an empowering and cost saving service that along with other Anoox free services will turn your Anoox Social network into
of your daily life as it has for so many already
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What makes this
Insanely Great
Instant Messenger even Greater is the fact that Anoox is the only non-profit Social network. So when you use Anoox Instant Messenger beside saving in cost of communication and saving even Bigger in lost productivity, beside having access to all other empowering services of Anoox Social network, you will be
doing Good
since as the only non-profit Social network we are dedicated to Social & Environmental causes above any profits or share prices
Please Note Instant Messenger rules and proper usage:
As a basic (free) member you can have up to 15 People in your Instant Messenger contact list for unlimited free communication. You can have many more, up to 50 People in your Instant Messenger contact list, plus access to additional features, as a Premium member. Best of all Premium membership costs less than $1 per Day
Anoox Instant Messenger is another Free Advertising & Donation supported service of Anoox non-profit Social Network
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