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Question By Real_News
Viewed: 1,315
8 months 1 week ago
8 months 1 week ago
We have most Unfair=Unfree Markets. What can we do about this?
Finance, Entrepreneur, Credit | Loan
Going out of busines ...
Main Street shuttere ...
Going out of business on Main Street
Main Street shuttered
While Big Wall Street based businesses have gotten Richer like always, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, as you can see from Wall Street hitting record Highs almost EVERY DAY resulting in: Wall Street billionaires get richer during coronavirus pandemic

At same time Small businesses, that is 99% of businesses, which are not Wall Street based, have gone out of Business by the Millions: Nearly half small-business owners fear coronavirus will close their operations by mid-2021

WHY? Because we have most Unfair=Unfree Markets, since Big Wall Street based businesses have access to just about any amount of Capital they want, from $100-Mill in Series-A, to Billions in an IPO, to even more Billions in secondary offerings, and they do no have to pay a cent of this Capital back since it is issued to them in exchange for Shares they print. OTOH, Small businesses, that is 99% of businesses, not Wall Street based, have NO access to any such capital and instead their only access to capital is by borrowing a relatively paltry sum, generally under $250K, which they have to pay back at high interest rates

So questions are:

1- How did Big Media get away with selling the notion that we have "Free Markets"?

2- What can we as concerned Citizens do about this incredibly Unfair=Unfree Markets? Which are leaving our (Main) Streets shuttered and in ruins?

P.S., For sake of full disclosure, I am one of the original founders of Anoox dedicated to goal of supporting Small businesses and Social causes
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