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Anoox Video chat enterprise sales & integration
You can have our leading Video Chat solution integrated into your Site so that your Site can come Alive via your members and visitors having instant high quality Video chat with your staff and with each other. Giving your business a huge boost in value whether your Site visitors are interacting with your staff for sales or support or with each other if you are a community type Site.
Great example of businesses that can realize massive gains in sales and/or traffic by adding Video chat are:
  • Healthcare providers so your doctors and nurses can meet online with your patients
  • Online education, so that your instructors can meet with students to teach anywhere in the World they are all located
  • Travel/Hotels so your staff can meet online with potential guests and show them around
  • Online retail sales so your staff can meet with your customers on your Site, even proactively call them, to answer questions and close sales much faster
  • Dating Sites so members can meet with one another so as to be sure people are who they say they are
  • much more...
Installation and integration support included
Anoox Video chat comes with full installation and integration support so that your Video chat becomes a seamless part of your Site as per your custom and bespoke requirements
  • The server side of your Video chat can be on our Server so you will have no complex server installation, hosting and support issues, this is also known as Cloud based SaaS solution. Or it can be on your server if you have a LAMP server with expertise to installat and managae a Node.js server
  • The integration can include integrating your Video chat with your e-commerce payment processing so that your Video chat users are charged per Video chat use or charged for Video chat as per your payment arrangements
  • We can even have your Video chat related data recorded on our Server in a MySQL database with your agents able to access the related data via the Web as per your Specifications
Anoox Video chat installation and integration support starts from $50,000 to custom integrate your Video chat into your Site as per your Specifications - plus:
  • $5 per concurrent user per Month with minimum of 100 concurrent users, if you want your Video chat server hosted on our severs and not your own
  • any additional customization beside initial installation and integration will be billed Hourly at $95 per Hour
How to get this done?
  • Contact us via form below with details of your Site and how you want your Video chat to operate
  • We will start with a quick Video chat meeting to discuss your project. This meeting of course we will have via Anoox Video Chat
  • We will present to you the cost and time-line projections and after your payment of integration budget we will start on your Video chat project
Interested to BOOST your Site Traffic and Sales by making it come Alive with Video Chat? Contact Video Chat Enterprise Sales