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How Does Anoox Advertising Work

Advertising on Anoox network is Easy and Effective, as well as being some of the lowest cost in Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising due to the fact that we are the only non-profit Social Search Network. Here is how it works:

You easily create your Ads: by providing Keyword, Description, Topic, Geographic Target, etc. via our user friendly order form.
You make an initial Deposit into your Advertising Account to open it, which will become your account balance.
Your Ads are then displayed to the People who are searching for what your Site is offering as per the details of your Ads. So that when they click on your Ads you can be sure that they are already very interested in what you are offering and thus most likely to convert.
The clicks on your Ads are then automatically deducted from your account balance.
You can log into your Advertising account on 24/7 basis to Edit your Ads, Upload new Ads, review Traffic to your Site as per your Ads, set an Ad off-line, set an Ad on-line, contact Advertising support, change your account info, etc.
Once your account balance goes below Zero, if the Auto-Rebill on your account is on, then the charges for clicks on your Ads accumulate as a negative balance and every 30 days this negative balance is charged to your Credit Card to keep your Ads on-line.
Please NOTE: for your convenience, all Advertising accounts open with Auto-Rebill on. This you can Turn off as you like from your Advertising Dashboard.
You set a daily Maximum Limit on how much you want to spend, which you can set from as little as $1 per Day. So that when this daily limit is reached, your Ads go off-line until next day. This way you can have a fixed budget on how much you want to spend on Advertising on Weekly and Monthly basis.
You can cancel your Advertising any time you want, and pay nothing else, if you do not find Advertising on Anoox non-profit Social Search network to be the Best value in Advertising for your Site, delivering Advertising to your Site that is SAVING you at least 50% on cost of Advertising, for same Ads, compared to Google™, etc. Big Wall Street Media.

After all there is NO other not-for-profit Social Search network with Millions of Visitors and Members