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Member Since: 2013-04-17
My Topic of Interest: Law | Personal
My Location: City: na | Country: World Wide
My Anoox Points Level: 6
My Country IP Flag:
My gender is: female
My age is: 61
My Name: Kini, Cosma
My Phone: 5418804534

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My Work, My Hobbies & Miscelanous Info
My Web Site
My Current Job Director of Equestrian Travel Mall and Legal Services
My Hobbies: Horseback riding, horse shoeing & trimming, training Mustangs, building-outdoor stuff, automotive, gardening, going to Fairgrounds & buying disabled race horses then rehabilitating them to race again.
What I am offering: Dedicated to those individuals, who, because of the selfish reasons of others who conspired for their false imprisonment resulting in malicious prosecution, judicial injustice...
What I am looking for: The wrongfully accused & wrongfully convicted of a crime which you did not commit & are dedicated to restoring your liberty, civil rights, productive lifestyles.
Accepts Private Message: yes

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