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Question By RealTime
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8 months 4 weeks ago
8 months 4 weeks ago
In 2020 US elections, will Biden be any different, on major issues, than Trump?
Politics USA, Politics Europe, Peace & Good Will
In 2020 US Elections, from East to West and North to South Republicans running Ads which essentially say:
"Democrats, are Radical Left"
"Democrats, want Socialism"

But both Republicans Democrats and MSM know this to be complete non-sense, complete opposite of Facts. After all one of the ultimate indications of being right-wing is to be for Wars, and Biden voted for Iraq War, and Biden/Obama started 2 Wars (Libya War & Syria war) vs Trump starting Zero Wars.

Another case Republicans refer to in their 24/7 Media barrage that Democrats are "left-wing" is that Democrats are for "Government run Socialized Healthcare". But Obama & Biden voted for a healthcare system called ACA that is the exact opposite of Universal Socialized healthcare. They voted for a healthcare system proposed by Ultra right-wing of the Republican party, a watered down version of Romneycare [1]. OTOH, all Conservative parties, repeat Conservative parties, which means NOT the "Radical Left" or "Socialist", in Canada, all European Nations, Israel, Australia, etc. are all 100% for their Universal Socialized healthcare, versions of NHS.

And the above facts apply to issue after issues, such as Conservative parties in UK, Australia having passed strict Gun bans, what Obama/Biden Democrats never even propose [2] [3].

This means Democrats in US are to the far far right of the Conservative parties in Canada, European Nations, Australia, etc. developed Nations. And of course Republicans know about Conservative parties in Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. as do Democrats. Yet Republicans and ultra right-wing Media (Fox, etc.) refer to Democrats as "Radical Left" or "Socialist"! And Democrats do not respond by saying, "are you insane, we are to the far far right of Conservative parties in Canada, European Nations, Australia, etc.", as per examples of Healthcare, Gun control, Wars, etc. etc.

So aren't the above facts proof that Republicans, Democrats, MSM and the Ultra right-wing Media (Fox, etc.) are playing a Good Cop Bad Cop Con Job on US? And how can we bring about real change?
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