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Question By Wiseman
Viewed: 444,917
5 months 3 weeks ago
5 months 3 weeks ago
What are Riots across USA about: Death of 1 Man or Covid-19 Shutdowns?
Politics World, Politics USA, News Related
Big Media is telling US that the Riots across USA are due to Police killing of 1 Man George Floyd in Minnesota. Now as deplorable as the Police actions were in Killing this unarmed Man, and they should be condemned by all. Are these Riots really about killing of this 1 Man or Much more? I mean where were the Riots for:
27 Americans Killed in Sandy Hook?
59 Americans Killed in Vegas?
17 Americans Killed in Parkland?
5000 American soldiers Killed in Iraq War?
100,000+ Americans Killed due to CoronaVirus since USA lacks the most basic of Social services which is Universal healthcare
etc. etc.

So are these riots due to death of 1 Man or the Structural Problems of USA? Which Structural Problems they do nothing about, since all they care about is whether Wall Street is Up and not how Main Street doing!
And these Covid-19 Shutdowns were the last straw that pushed People over the edge? What do you think? What can we do to bring Peace and Prosperity to American Main Street and not just Wall Street?
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