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Viewing Question Posted By PunchMan
Viewed: 935
3 months 3 weeks ago
What is this reporting about Trump let down our Kurdish allies?
Politics World, Politics USA, News Related
Corporate Media ABC, CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, etc. are criticizing "Trump for ordering US troops out of Syria which they claim has let our Kurdish allies down by allowing Turkey to attack them.." But isn't this bizarre reporting on so many levels? After all consider the facts:

1- When did US congress Authorize US to wage War on Syria? Which of course US troops occupying Syria would mean. NEVER as required by LAW under the "War Powers" act.

2- Turkey is 10 times the US ally compared to Kurds. Since Turkey is a NATO member, which means backed by 10s of Billions of US Tax payer Money per Year. So Trump by siding with Turkey is far more supporting an ally than letting down Kurds as an ally.

So is this ultimate proof of what War-Mongering machine so called Liberal Media from CNN to MSNBC are in criticizing the super right-wing Trump as to:
"How dare you End the US War in Syria?"
Rather than criticizing Trump:
"Why have you not Ended US War in Afghanistan, which Afghanistan is in opposite side of Earth from USA, which War has been going on for an astonishing 15+ Years at cost of Trillions to American People and 1000s of US Soldiers KILLED, while China that borders Afghanistan has spent ZERO in fighting a War there?"

So are we living in a Bizzaro World where CNN MSNBC & Democrats are more right-wing than Ultra right-wing Fox in attacking Trump for ending one of US Wars rather than attacking Trump for not ending more Wars and investing these wasted Funds in American People?
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