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Viewing Question Posted By Okinawa1985
Viewed: 5,815
1 year 5 months ago
Did GOD Have a Beginning?
Religion Christian
To the question “Did GOD have a beginning?” the scientist, if so incline, will more than likely say yes, absolutely, because all things present has a start from some place in time. But the more spiritual, Bible driven, will quote scriptures that point to Him having no beginning, thus causing many whose worship is in science to consider we who believe in GOD and scriptures, are among the more ignorant. Even knowing there are multiple scriptures to indicate GOD has no beginning we can definitively point to, I believe GOD did have a beginning, and it's the Bible that proves it. You see, it is my belief that all scriptures that points to GOD not having a beginning, are scripture that serve one primary purpose – to make us aware that there is no reason for us to concern ourselves for there is no definitive answer to be found. It's just not important for us to know! So many scriptures. Form Genesis to Exodus, Psalms to Proverbs, 1 Timothy backwards to Deuteronomy - so many scriptures to consider, yet, all indicating to me one primary thing, it's not important for me to know!
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