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Question By comptu
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3 years 11 months ago
3 years 11 months ago
Is it a Trend and Does it Appear to be Growing?
Religion Christian
What has happened to polite discourse? The ability to engage in conversation in a manner befitting intelligent human beings has seemingly disappeared over the course of a generation or two.

What happened to genuine interest in other people and their opinions and ideas?

There now appears to be a distain if not outright anger to the point of hostility towards anyone and everyone who does not drink the Kool-Aid and acquiesce to foolish rantings and demeaning behavior. At some point, this mode of non-constructive behavior must have become somehow acceptable and normalized by no one being able to teach correct mores of society to an apparently unteachable group of stiff-necked people.

Is this observation unfair or inaccurate? Am I being unkind in my remarks in pointing out the elephant in the room?

I guess I am looking for people who have set a much higher standard in the way they carry themselves than what I have been witnessing; and, they help keep others to just as high a standard by edifying and uplifting people so that they may reach their best potential.
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