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Advertising on Anoox not-for-profit network is NOT for all Make sure it is suitable for you

It goes without saying that Anoox not-for-profit Social Search Network offers incredible value in Advertising, since this Advertising saves a typical small business 50 to 90% on cost of Advertising compared to Big Wall Street Media. But Advertising on Anoox not-for-profit network is not suitable for all businesses. This is due to the fact we are a small organization, dedicated to mission of fostering Information Democracy and delivering much lower cost of Advertising to small businesses, so both our mission and our size makes Anoox Advertising not suitable for certain businesses.

Who is Anoox Advertising suitable for and not?

Small Businesses - We limit how much a business can spend per Month on Advertising, so as to create something that does NOT exist in the for-profit Social Search Media (i.e., Google™, FaceBook™, etc.), which is to create a "Level Playing Field" for Small Businesses to complete with Big Businesses. So if you are a Small Business or have Small Business Advertising budget then Anoox Advertising is suitable for you, and not otherwise - Detail.

Self-Managed - Since we are a small not-for-profit organization with all our resources going into developing and operating this (massive) network, we have little Customer Service "Bling Bling" as our Wall Street peers have. So we have made Anoox Advertising to be an entirely self-managed system via an extremely user-friendly Dashboard that you are provided once you log into your Advertising account. So if you are comfortable with a self-managed Advertising system then Anoox Advertising is suitable for you, and not otherwise - Details.

An Analogy: $695 per Night Hotel room vs $69 per Night Hotel room