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Events Overview And Features
With your Anoox Event service you can organize Events from Personal to Business to Political for groups of 10 to 1-Million. You can decide who can join your Events, you can moderate people who have joined your Events, you can broadcast messages to your Event members. Plus much more toward having efficient, robust and fun Events
Events Features and Key points
To create an Event just log into your Anoox Social networking account and click on "Organize Event"
You will then designate whether the Event is a location based Event with physical address or an Online Event
If this is a location based Event you will enter the street address of the Event
Next you provide the details of this Event you are creating - Details
  • What Type of Event is this: You can designate an Event to be of Public type in which case we will inform Anoox members interested in this topic and location once you have had 10% of number of People that can join this Event join this Event on your own. Or you can designate an Event to be of type Private in which case we will not inform anyone of this Event and you will do it in your own
  • Who can join this Event: You can designate an Event to be open to Anyone in which case everyone will be able to Join it. Or you can designate an Event to be open to Only people you invite to Join this Event in which case you will enter a Passcode for this Event which you need to provide to those you want to Join this Event
  • Maximum number to Join: You designate the Maximum number(*) of People that can Join this Event, which can be from Minimum of 10 to Maximum of 1-Million
  • Date & Time of Event: Here your enter the Date & Time of this Event. Please make sure an Event is at least 3 days from Today to allow for People interested to be informed of this Event and have time to react to Join it
  • One time or Recurring: You select whether this is a one time or recurring Event. If recurring Event then you designate how frequently it should recur
  • Enter (Optional) Video Chat URL: Here you can provide an Optional URL for Video Chat or Conferencing that Event members can use to partake in this Event
(*) NOTE:
  • As a Free member you can have up to 100 Join an Event
  • As a Premium member you can have up to 100,000 Join an Event
  • For more than 100,000 please contact for massive Event license
Next you provide the Subject of this Event and its Details and add (optional) Multi-Media items to it - Details
  • Here you enter the subject and detail descriptions of this Event
  • Can attach Photos to this Event
  • Can attach Video to this Event. And the Video can be either Uploaded into your Anoox account or added via iframe embed such as YouTube™ etc..
  • Can attach Poll to this Event
  • Can attach Reference materials (URLs) to this Event
Next you select the Topic(s) of this Event, based on which selection we show relevant Advertising on this Event pages and inform People interested in this type of Event - {Place your Ad here}
You will then Submit and post your Event - Your Event is Now Live
Once your Event is Live then you will be provided with the URL of this Event which you can share with People interested in this Event where with 1 Click they can Join your Event
You will be able to access the Events you have created by going to your Anoox account dashboard and clicking on "My Events" where you can see all the Events you have created and click to go to the Event you want. From this page you can also see all the Events that you have Joined
Note: if an Event you have created is By Invitation Only, you will always be able to obtain the Passcode for this Event from this page where the summary of Events you have created are listed
To access the Event you want then just click on the Event subject and that will bring you to the Event Dashboard for the selected Event
If you are the owner of the Event, from Event Dashboard you will be able to fully and easily Manage your Event - Details
  • From the top of the page Click on "Manage This Event " will open a new window from where you will be able to Manage this Event
  • From the "Manage this Event" window Click on "Post a Note" opens a window where you can enter a Note for this Event
  • You can select to have the Note broadcast to Event members
  • All posted Notes will be accessible via the Tab "Event Notes"
  • From the "Manage this Event" window Click on "Ban Member" opens a window where you can enter a member that you want to Ban for few days, which will then Ban them from posting any new Messages to this Events Discussions
  • From the "Ban Member" window you can also see members you have Banned and click to Un-Ban a banned member
  • You can click on "Event Members" to see who has Joined your Event
  • Once you hold your Mouse over a members nick under "Event Members" a window pops up labeled "Reject" which you can click on to Reject selected member from this Event list
If you are visiting an Event Dashboard, from the Dashboard you will be able to Join this Event and partake in it - Details
  • You can click on "Join this Event" to Join this Event. If this Event is open to all you will then instantly Join this Event. If this is by invitation only you will be prompted to enter the Passcode to be able to Join this Event
  • You can click on "Event Details" to see the details of this Event, such as Time & Date as well as location for this Event
  • You can click on "Event Members" to see who else has Joined this Event
  • You can click on "Event Notes" to see any Notes that has been posted to this Event by Event owner
  • You can click on "Event Discussions" to comment and ask questions about this Event
Tell Us what else you want with Events or how else we can make it even better
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