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Posted On: 2017-10-04 14:31:51
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Should Deductions be allowed on Taxes for Animal Required Expenses?

Since most states require certain vaccinations/registrations (some on county levels but controlled by each State). Do you think those expenses should be deductible on at least the State Income Tax returns without having to be licensed as a breeder, kennel, service animal, etc.? I believe they should since most stated require rabies and standards vaccinations at a minimum. Some States & Counties also require any pet owners that are not registered as breeders to have pets spayed or neutered and pay a license fee per pet each year. This could be limited and controlled by allowing at least a standard or itemized worksheet per pet and tied to the rabies tag number or microchip number (if one). It could be further controlled by allowing these deductions as 1 pet per person on the return including dependents. The exception would be to those that are registered already as breeders - then they should be filing those expenses already as Schedules C or other business returns already. In the grand scheme of things this would help responsible pet owners and cut down on shelter/stray pets.
What do you think?

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