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Explore AnooX Partner-Up service

AnooX Partner-Up service allows you to post on AnooX network a Business partner-up or a Social partner-up for free. So that you can invite other people to join you to either get a Business Project completed or to have a Social meet-up to discuss and learn from one another.

Business partner-up
Via the Business partner-up you can describe a business project that you want to get done and partner(s) that you seek to be able to get this project successfully completed and operating. Examples of business partner-up that you can list via this service are really infinite, some of which are:
  • Lets partner-up via the Web to get this Web site developed
  • Lets partner-up in Vancouver BC to open an Italian Restaurant
  • Lets partner-up in London UK to refurbish and operate an Apartment rental
  • Lets partner-up in Sydney Australia to operate a Bike sharing business
  • Lets partner-up in Wien Austria to open a Coffee House together
  • etc. etc. etc.

Social gathering partner-up
Via the Social partner-up you can describe an interest that you have and invite other People who share in that interest to join you for regular Weekly or Monthly meetings about this subject matter. Examples of Social partner-up that you can list via this service are really infinite, some of which are: that you can create are:
  • Lets partner-up via the Web to discuss how to sell better via site X
  • Lets partner-up in Berlin Germany (every Month) for XPaths from Canada to Socialize
  • Lets partner-up in Boston US (every Month) to speak French
  • Lets partner-up in Rio Brazil (every Week) at Cafe XZY to improve our English
  • Lets partner-up in Florence Italy (every Week) at the Beach House to talk Politics
  • etc. etc. etc.

Finding & Promoting your partner-up
  1. Once you have listed your free Partner-Up listing, then it will become instantly Searchable via the AnooX Search engine and the Partner-Up specific Find engine which is Powered by the same technology behind AnooX Search engine

  2. Optional: You can promote your Partner-Up on your own or you can choose to have AnooX promote it for you for only 20 Cents per Member to those Members whom have indicated interest in similar subject matters as your Partner-Up, this is generally the best step that you can take toward quickly and for low cost attracting the Partners you seek.

What you may not use this service for - NO SPAMMING
You may not use this service to list a Product or Service that you have for Sale. That would be SPAM and unacceptable. Please note that for the sake of our members we have a ZERO SPAM Policy.

Please note: For your Partner-Up listing to be posted you need to be a member of AnooX Social network. If you do not have an account please sign-up, sign-up is free and takes less than a Minute.

What do you need to get going?
Above all you need to find the right Partners in the right Location!
This is what AnooX Partner-Up is all about.