Stay Away From Sugar When Dieting

Sugar might seem like a sweet friend, but in fact short of cigarette smoking nothing else is such a threat to your health as having too much of these carbohydrates. The human body simply wasn’t made to have as much sugar as most Americans are eating. Saying no to sugar is hard, but it can result in changing your life and make it much easier and healthier to live.

Will Power Of Saying No

You turn down the donuts, the cookie, and the hot latte laced with sugar. You feel good about your willpower, but in reality you can still be getting more sugar in a day than someone in the 1800’s had in a month. Why? Because sugar is hidden in a number of foods which arguably have no reason to contain a single grain of the white stuff.

When someone crops up in a photo unexpectedly the resulting “photo bomb” is frequently entertaining. When sugar shows up it’s not as funny. Barbecue sauce can have up 13 grams of sugar. Fruit yogurt can have additional sugar added taking a few innocent calories from the fruit to a scary 19 grams, or the equivalent of 5 packets of sugar. Pasta sauce made from tomatoes and spices is safe… right? Wrong in some such sauces you will find 12 grams or 3 packets. You know better than to have a carbonated beverage, but what about Granola bars? Check the ingredients and find 12 more grams of sugar. Energy drinks must be healthy you might think, but no, the energy rush is coming from up to a generous 83 grams or over 20 packets of sugar.

Don’t Give Up On Saying No To Sugar

While it might seem like a conspiracy to keep you overweight, unhealthy, and your children hyperactive the reason for the sugar push is most consumers won’t buy unsweetened products. These products do exist, but it can be harder to find them. Eating sugar free foods will help you stay trim but you may not like the taste of the food as much.

The best way to say no to sugar is to look at labels. Laws exist, making it mandatory for sugars in various forms to be listed on labels of food products including most drinks. Sugars can be listed by a variety of names, but most of these end in “oes” or “ides”. Examples are sucrose, maltose, lactose, fructose, or monosaccharide. Check the number of grams to find out how much sugar is either natural to a food product, or how much is added.

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